Alec Lawless is a member of an improv/sketch comedy group called Drunk Orphan that have been gaining popularity on YouTube with their film parodies. Usually good stuff on fils that are devoid of the much needed humor to redeem them in theaters. This one’s about Black Mass.



You can check out more of their parodies at their official YouTube channel and Facebook page.


Source: Drunk Orphan Comedy Group




  1. Ivan Mosjoukine certainly deserves to regain the recognition he once had as one of the finest and most versatile actors of the silent screen. But I doubt that he will be recognized on the same level as Conrad Veldt because compared to Veidt he did not appear in any cult movie, neither silent nor sound. I think Veidt owes his popularity mostly to his performance in “Caligari” and “Casablanca”. As long as films like “Mathias Pascal” , “Casanova” or “Michel Strogoff” remain hidden treasures only known to few people or not available at all Mosjoukine will have a hard time.

    It might help to create a website for him or write a biography (unfortunately only a Russian biography exists that concentrates on his pre-exile time and while revealing his origin and interesting family gives very little and partly wrong information about his later career and life).
    Since this actor has to be tracked through three continents with at least four languages this is a very difficult task.

    Yet I am hopeful that he might become a household name with silents fans some day if more of his films are restored and released and facts and photos of him are continuously posted on the internet. (Fritzi, you certainly give an example.)
    Constant dripping wears away the stone.


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