I know this movie trailer came out about two weeks ago, but I just recently seen it. Old to you, but new to me.  This is a new segment, I would like to call “Movie Pitch”. This is where I reenact a conversion depicting how a movie pitch for a certain film went down.

This time, let’s pretend that I’m pitching Ashby to big movie exec at Bankside Films(Random name)


Me: Ok, ok. Check this out (big hand gestures)…
This kid moves to a new town and everyone in school is picking on him. Oh! ’cause he’s a nerd, duh! Yeah, ok … anyway, he has a school assignment where he has to go talk to an old person and like write down what they say. You know, about life and stuff, since old people have more life experience. So, he goes to a house on his block and says, “hey, I gotta do this assignment, and I have to talk to an old guy and write down what he says.” Then, the old guy says (wait for it), “sorry, kid can’t help ya. I don’t know any old people.” HUH! HUH! FUNNY RIGHT? YEAH, I KNOW. Anyway, so they hang out and the old guy makes the kid drive him around and stuff, and teaches him about life and how to be a jock. ‘Cause you know that’s what the kid wants is to be a jock and not a nerd. But, the mom is all, “Ahh, my baby. Ahh, no.” Then, the kid gets the girl. The guy gets sent away for some reason. The kid gets emotional and yadda, yadda, yadda. That’s the movie. SO, whaddya think?

So, then you, the big movie exec, say:

Well, who’s the old guy?

Mickey Rourke

Who’s the love interest?

Emma Roberts

What’s the twist?

The old guy kills people

Who’s the mom?


Instead of you laughing me out of your office because I just pitched a ridiculous idea and had the nerve to suggest Sarah Silverman play the mother, you say: “okay, shake my hand and say we got a deal?”

If you can think of a worst pitch, please write it in the comment section below. I really do not know what to say about this movie.


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