While there will most certainly be a new Animated Thundercats TV series soon, this clip has been circulating the net this weekend claiming it to be test footage of a CGI Feature film that was inevitably canned.

Check it out:

I like the immaturity of Lion-O here, and despite being an insecure little kid in a mans body his fear is hidden in some fun sarcasm. He still has to call on the Thundercats, but it looks like he caught Mummra off guard. And that ending is funnier than anything in the original series.

Mummra however looks AWESOME. The character itself (like most of the the dated 80s cartoon) looks hokey, and while he worked for the original cartoon, I was curious how they might translate him for a big screen adaptation.

Now onto the question of the validity of this being a real Thundercats test footage.

The WB credits would be unlikely on a “test footage” clip. This looks like it would have been a more potential teaser trailer setup. Test footage would have been more raw with nothing but the scene iteself and not the elaborate workup fading the title into the scene. I imagine test footage would have happened long before they worked up a teaser trailer.

There are hints with the styling of the sword and Lion-O’s updated look that are present in the new anticipated animated series, but wherever this came from – fan made or otherwise – its not happening that way now.

Which is a shame. I enjoyed that a great deal.


Edit: After watching it a few more times its clearly Slithe, not Mummra… he even has a tail. My mistake.



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