I’m gonna be honest and admit that my interest in a sequel for 300 is only mild at best.  The sequel completely omits the involvement of pivotal people responsible for the original film and that’s Gerard Butler and Zach Snyder. There really wasn’t room for Butler to return but Snyder’s signature visual style propelled the movie to becoming a box office hit and their omission affects my interest.


That said, this is my first look at the film and features Eva Green giving her darndest Xena Warrior princess impersonation to gain some nerd points.



Could be interesting.  For some reason I can’t shake the feeling that this is something I’d prefer to see go straight to DVD.  The freaky shogun masks seem nice and generic, and I look forward to seeing their blood paint the floor. I’m still pretty indifferent but I guess it’s kinda good to know that this film is still coming? Kinda.


Source: Worst Previews





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