I did this feature last year and a few of you seem to enjoy it and a friend of mine really wanted me to do it again so here it is. I am more of a Scrooge this time of the year so I came up with a fun way to cheer on the holidays with a bit of horror.  This year I am adding a few movies and a guest post! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it! Now it’s time for some Ho Ho Ho Horror!! 🙂

On the 5th day of Christmas the evil elf gave to me…

Jin Duyen, who often writes articles for prominent magazines, is assigned to do a story on the origins of Christmas’ many traditions. After some research, she traces them back to Selah, a remote town in the Midwest. Jin travels there in hopes of finding something interesting for her article, and finds so much more. Amy Carson, a private investigator from a nearby town, decides to look into several cases of missing children which have gone unsolved. The authorities have ceased their own searches, so with little else to do during the holiday season, she heads to Selah as well. Oddly, the residents of Selah aren’t caught up in the festivities that the rest of the world is taking part in. Jin and Amy soon discover that Christmas holds a much darker meaning here… one that pitches them into the same terror that had held Selah captive for years.

I came across this on a list and thought it sounded interesting  but it has a bit of mixed reviews on goodreads. Still think it might be interesting to try. 🙂


  1. Gosh I wanted to pick the serial “Les Vampires,” but in the end I went with Douglas Fairbanks and “The Black Pirate.” Regardless, I can’t wait to read the winning review.


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