I did this feature last year and a few of you seem to enjoy it and a friend of mine really wanted me to do it again so here it is. I am more of a Scrooge this time of the year so I came up with a fun way to cheer on the holidays with a bit of horror.  This year I am adding a few movies and a guest post! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it! Now it’s time for some Ho Ho Ho Horror!! 🙂

On the 7th Day of Christmas the Evil Elf gave to me…

Stay out of the snow…
What would you do if it started snowing in every country in the world? Would you panic? For a ragtag group of strangers gathered at a dilapidated English pub, the best solution is a pint of beer with a hearty shot of denial. The truth is too strange to admit; but, one by one, they will be forced to accept reality — that something sinister is lurking outside in the snow. Something no one could imagine.

Amongst those at the pub is Harry Jobson, the local drunk. Nobody would ever look to him during a time of crisis, but as things deteriorate he is forced to get a grip on his past and be the man he was always meant to be. It will be up to Harry to find answers to questions like: who just threw a body through the window with the word SINNER carved into its chest?

Not everyone is going to make it through the night — and those who do will wish they hadn’t. 

So despite the lack luster cover on this one I thought the blurb here sounded pretty cool and really want to read this one! There is just nothing spooker to me than a snow crisis and a murder on the loose!


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