Vin Diesel recently announced that this is the last trilogy for the Fast and Furious franchise that’s been enamoring fans for well over a decade. It’s actually kind of heart wrenching when I think about this since the films have recently become one of my favorite action franchises around but was somewhat expected with the untimely passing of series star Paul Walker.

That said, I think it’s officially time to petition the return of Justin Lin to the directors chair. Lin left the franchise due to increased popularity, fame, and promises of pristine trucks full of cash to dust off franchises like The Crow and Highlander but those films fizzled into obscurity and have yet to resurface. Fortunately Lin found work in television to keep the lights on and maintain a steady progression into the Star Trek directors gig. Not too bad!

Although Furious 7 was successful, and this isn’t a knock on director James Wan I think he did great but I want him focused on other important things, but I must petition to bring back Lin who resuscitated the franchise with Tokyo Drift. He’s been to the FF franchise what Christopher Nolan was to the Dark Knight. What Bill Murray is to Ghostbusters. What RDJ is to the Avengers. He directed 3 fantastic films with each one gaining in popularity and success until everything evolved into one of the most watched franchises in recent memory.

Diesel affirms that he’ll announce a director soon, via Facebook of course, although some suspect that he himself has director aspirations and as producer of the franchise he probably has a say in who stands behind the lens but I want Lin back. What do you think? Lin? Wan? Someone completely new?


Source: Variety




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