Den of Thieves Trailer Reaction

I don’t know if we’ve ever covered a movie by 50 Cent here on The Movie Blog. The rapper/actor has had an incredible career in entertainment all the while pumping out films that don’t always resonate with the general audience. This Den of Thieves trailer shows us the latest film in which the rapper has enlisted an A-list star (Gerard Butler) to partake in his world of film and looks to be his best.

I love a good heist film as much as the next guy and this appears to be one of the more visceral. The Italian Job, Oceans 11, Takers, Now You See Me and more are all fine films in the genre and Den of Thieves has potential to be in their company.  Are you interested in the career of 50 Cent and his films? I’m curious to know your thoughts as I’ve quietly been following his rise in media over the years.

That’s all for now.


[STX Films]



  1. The sad thing is the South still feel that way considering the statues coming down and they were all upset and most had no idea these statues were not put in place until around the time this movie and others from the teens were being made. ughhh, regardless, this is great to showcase women in strong roles and any stunts were done for real


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