Vanessa Redgrave’s Sea Sorrow is 74 Minutes Updating the World on the Refugee Crisis...

In her directorial debut after a lengthy career as a much-lauded actress, Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave takes on a cause near and dear to her heart in “Sea Sorrow.” That cause is trying to alleviate the refugee crisis affecting Europe right now, with displaced persons—many of them unaccompanied children—streaming … [Read More]

Marital Problems – Bros Before Hoes

David Black reviews the Aussie indie movie, Marital Problems   I’ve just finished watching a quirky, Aussie indie movie called Marital Problems.   The description on the IMDB is, “On the eve of his eviction, Ian’s home becomes invaded by Clarke, an unscrupulous gardener who recounts the events of his failed … [Read More]

The New Black Panther Trailer Is Here But I’m Not Watching

It’s here! Marvel’s Official Black Panther trailer has been released today! I personally have no desire to see this movie because it violates one of my golden rules when it comes to watching movie trailers. Official Black Panther Trailer Was the trailer good? Please let me know in the comments … [Read More]

“Zoo” Tells the True Story of Saving the Elephant in the Belfast Zoo

“Zoo,” written and directed by Colin McIvor, is the true story of how a lonely widow and three schoolchildren banded together to save an elephant in the Belfast, Northern Ireland zoo (the Bellevue Zoological Zoo) to prevent the pachyderm from being slaughtered during World War II. Belfast had two major … [Read More]

Four Successful Women Discuss Gender Bias

David Black chats to four successful women in the indie movie industry about the subject of gender bias. Have you ever been happily trundling along, lost in a daze and feeling all is well in your own little world when suddenly ….. SPLODGE!!! You’ve stepped in it! A sickly warm … [Read More]

Two Comedies from Israel & Australia at Chicago International Film Festival

Two comedies have been screened for critics at the 53rd Annual Chicago International Film Festival during this lead-up week. ”Ali’s Wedding” from Australian director Jeffrey Walker, reminds most of the recent hit “The Big Sick.” “Maktub” (“Fate”) from Israel director Oded Raz featured Guy Hamir and Hanon Savyon, both Israeli … [Read More]

French Film “A Lover for a Day” Dissects Love As Its Black-and-White Topic

A Lover For A Day The lead-up to the Chicago International Film Festival’s 53rd year is underway. Critics are getting the chance to screen films from over 95 countries, including 1,044 feature films, 3,500 shorts and 646 documentaries.  Twenty-five of the films will enjoy their North American Premiere here and … [Read More]

It’s Time To Tell Tyrese Gibson To Just SHUT THE HELL UP!

At first I was going to write a nice little article about a few ideas on how to make the Fast and Furious franchise even better.  This past weekend, Tyrese Gibson has been making internet headlines with his persistent badgering of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The issue seems to be Tyrese … [Read More]

Susan Lacy’s ‘Spielberg’ is an Admiring Portrait of the Prolific and Popular Director

The world premiere of Susan Lacy’s documentary “Spielberg,” about the world’s most prolific and popular film director  was celebrated Thursday evening at the New York Film Festival. A  compilation of clips from most of Steven Spielberg’s  films — of which there are many — this admiring portrait is 2 hour … [Read More]

Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying Kicks Off New York Film Festival

The 55th annual New York Film Festival kicked off Thursday night with the world premiere of Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying. This is Linklater’s third NYFF film but first opening night and its significance was not lost on him. In his introductory remarks at the 6 p.m. screening at Alice … [Read More]