For Your Consideration: 2014’s Overlooked Awards Contenders To Remember

As the flood gates of hype unleash awards buzz at the end of the year, sometimes we can forget about the great movies released during the rest of the year and not just the last few weeks. With 2014 coming to an end and this noise at a fever pitch, … [Read More]

Noticable 2013 Documentary Trends and The Best in Non-Fiction Features

Writer’s Note: This is one in a series of articles on The Movie Blog looking back at some of movies most notable highlights, big trends, and best features of 2013.   2013 was another exceptional year for a wide variety of documentaries. As technological advancements in the 21st Century allow … [Read More]

What I’m Expecting At This Years New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is only one days away and I couldn’t be more excited! Why? because this is my first time attending … yes, I’m a virgin. Being a virgin at this means I have numerous expectations that I would love to see met. One is the cosplay. Since as … [Read More]

Nat Wolff Stars in Netflix’s Horror-Thriller-Romance ‘Death Note’ Remake

Death Note Nat Wolff strays from his nice guy image in Netflix’s Death Note, loosely based on the iconic Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Director Adam Wingard’s (“Blair Witch”) remake, airing on Netflix August 25, is more of a horror-thriller than the hugely popular … [Read More]

The Horror Flick Chick Review: Nosferatu with… With a Live Band

Growing up there were two types of movies I always loved watching…Horror movies and silent movies. Surprisingly, I had never seen the classic 1922 silent horror film Nosferatu in its entirety. Luckily for me and my fellow Horror Flick Chick Angela, we were lucky enough to catch it last month … [Read More]

Ben Affleck as Batman The Good The Bad and The Ugly

  The initial response to Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman was not good. Statistics showed that about 70% of all tweets were negative and there was even a petition started to sway Snyder to change his mind. Even with Affleck’s recent success with the film Argo, many … [Read More]

Kenny Sayz: “Dark Knight” Characters Shouldn’t be Politically Exploited!

  In a Presidential election season, nothing is left sacred. Not even Batman.   On Monday evening, splashed on the Drudge Report was the headline bold and in the center: “DEMS TO USE ‘BATMAN’ AGAINST ROMNEY.” Supposedly Democrats are linking Romney to his work at Bain with the villain Bane. … [Read More]

Sundance Spotlight Section Highlights Quality Indie Cinema Coming Soon

  The 2016 Sundance Film Festival is underway in Park City Utah as well as satellite venues in Ogden and Salt Lake City. With over a 150 movies screening during the 11-day span, most movies are world premieres seeking to gain distribution and attention from the industry. Additionally, some studios … [Read More]

“Wetlands”: A Leading Man is Born

I have one primary takeaway after having seen the new movie “Wetlands”, opening in theaters on Friday, September 15.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (TV’s “Lost”, “Suicide Squad”) can carry a movie. Oh, veteran pros like Jennifer Ehle and Christopher McDonald are just fine here, too.  But it is the simmering beneath the … [Read More]

Blu-Ray Review: Immortals

Director: Tarsem Singh Dhandwar Writers: Vlas Parlapanides, Charley Parlapanides Stars: Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff, Luve Evans, Isabel Lucas, Mickey Rourke, Kellan Lutz Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy MPAA: Rated R Plot: Before the dawn of man or beast, immortals wage war against each other. The victors name themselves gods … [Read More]