Netflix’s ‘Burning Sands’ Explores Uncomfortable Themes No One Is Talking About

 Burning Sands is a rather interesting movie that I’m sure will at the very least have people talking. The film appears to be a compilation of various tactics and instances of hazing that may occur in black fraternities on university campuses. While I am not in fraternity, I did attend a … [Read More]

TMB’S Top Ten Films of 2015: Mo Baptiste Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, it is about that time. With 2015 ending tonight, we could not let my top ten films of the year go unnoticed. This year was filled with much-anticipated sequels, renditions, and of course, action-packed films. Every year, there are hits and misses. And, 2015 was no different. … [Read More]

Ryan’s Rant: ‘The Tree of Life’ is a pretentious piece of sh*t

I know I’m late on seeing “The Tree of Life” but I am glad that I waited. I’m just going to say it…this movie is TERRIBLE! There have been few films that I have seen that have actually brought me to a boiling point but this film is going on … [Read More]

Nat Wolff Stars in Netflix’s Horror-Thriller-Romance ‘Death Note’ Remake

Death Note Nat Wolff strays from his nice guy image in Netflix’s Death Note, loosely based on the iconic Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Director Adam Wingard’s (“Blair Witch”) remake, airing on Netflix August 25, is more of a horror-thriller than the hugely popular … [Read More]

Superbowl commercial: World War Z

    Director:Marc Forster Cast:Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos , Daniella Kertesz , James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox   Source: Paramount Pictures via Apple Trailers

Top Movies To Watch Out For This Summer!

  The famed summer blockbuster trend looks set to continue in the summer of 2013 with an abundance of big movies, starring some of the biggest names around, set to be released later this year. With recent technological boosts it’s clear that these films will contain some of the best … [Read More]

These characters have had many faces…who played them best?

  With all the reboots currently playing, coming soon, and in production, I thought it was only fitting to bring forth the discussion of “Whose done it best?” There are many characters in film that will remain timeless and should not be forgotten. In order to ensure that these characters … [Read More]

Derek Cianfrance Comes Home to Denver To Discuss His Career and The Place Beyond...

  During the time interacting with filmmaker Derek Cianfrance in the lounge of the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Denver, he was glad to be home. One could tell Derek was in his element. Cianfrance was not overwhelmed by success yet was confident, but not arrogant about it. He dropped … [Read More]

Vanessa Redgrave’s Sea Sorrow is 74 Minutes Updating the World on the Refugee Crisis...

In her directorial debut after a lengthy career as a much-lauded actress, Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave takes on a cause near and dear to her heart in “Sea Sorrow.” That cause is trying to alleviate the refugee crisis affecting Europe right now, with displaced persons—many of them unaccompanied children—streaming … [Read More]

The price is dear and the rewards are few for members of “The Club”

THE GENERAL IDEA Four disgraced Catholic priests and a mysterious nun live together in a house situated in a remote seaside town. Each must atone for sins of the past. Collectively they comprise the “The Club”. And they don’t take kindly to guests. THE GOOD Chilean Director Pablo Larraín (who … [Read More]