3 Reasons Why SXSW Film Festival Still Matters for Movies

    SXSW Film Festival kicks off this weekend on Friday, March 13th with a lot of excitement and anticipation. Hosted in Austin, Texas during a prime time for spring break, it is always a great convergence of entrepeurnial synergy, eccentric local and global programming, and fun parties. What I … [Read More]

Clip: Lockout featuring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace

Take a look at this clip from John Carpenter’s upcoming movie Lockout. You don’t get much from the clip but it does give you an idea of the plot and a preview of the sarcastically funny banter between Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace.   Via: JoBloAnd for a more in … [Read More]

My First Day At Comic Con…

Sooooo, no big deal guys, but… I have popped my Comic Con cherry ::high pitch scream::.  It happened at  1:28pm (Eastern Standard Time) at the Javits Center to be specific, and to tell you the truth, it wasn’t that bad.   The crowd was bananas! From the moment you enter … [Read More]

Guest Post: Five Scariest Children’s Movies

  If your little ones want to get in on the ghoulish action with a scary movie or two, we’ve selected five of the most frightening children’s films out there. If your kids are not old enough to distinguish fantasy from reality, these choices will scare the bejesus out of … [Read More]

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Reaction And Breakdown

For months, the demand for the Avengers Infinity War trailer release had only increased exponentially. If you didn’t happen to attend the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year, then you were just going to sit and wait to hear from the Internet about the trailer. Naturally, the internet is … [Read More]

Kenny Sayz: Finally, Box Office! The American Comeback and The Chinese Emergence

  This weekend, audiences decided to make it to the multiplexes and see a movie. I am not sure how this happened. Maybe people caught the season premieres of network television shows and were made aware of new features. This is hard to pinpoint for me. Usually the last weekend … [Read More]

Trailer: Star Wars The Force Awakens

The trailer has been live for just moments but it has already amassed thousands of views. I was able to grab a copy of the trailer to ease some of YouTube’s bandwidth and I have to admit… the trailer is a letdown. I guess my expectations were set way too high … [Read More]

Captain Stacy wants your help to CATCH SPIDER-MAN

A new video is out. Apparently there’s a bigger threat to NYC’s well being than the occupy movement and this one can crawl walls! Captain George Stacy has made a public announcement urging everyone to do their part in keeping our fair city safe. Via: Rama’s Screen

Kenny’s Top Ten Best Movies List for 2014

At the Movie Blog, we strive to cover films and watch as many movies as possible. It was impossible to see everything from 2014. I attended a few film festivals this year and tried to attend as many screenings as possible. Of course, I watch all the screeners that the … [Read More]

7 SXSW 2015 Movies That Need Distribution NOW!

I watched quite a few movies during the SXSW Film Festival. One of the most rewarding and challenging experiences is falling in love with a movie that doesn’t have a distribution deal. It is rewarding because you were able to see it. However, the challenging aspect is not knowing when … [Read More]