Consider This: Academy, Hear My Case!

  Since Ballots have been mailed this week to members of the Academy, now is the time to mention Oscar consideration for movies that are considered a long shot. Here are my picks for movies and performances that shouldn’t be overlooked in various categories:   Best Picture: The Master   … [Read More]

These characters have had many faces…who played them best?

  With all the reboots currently playing, coming soon, and in production, I thought it was only fitting to bring forth the discussion of “Whose done it best?” There are many characters in film that will remain timeless and should not be forgotten. In order to ensure that these characters … [Read More]

A Biased Open Letter From The Watchmen Producer

Bias isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. Bias in many cases isn’t a CHOICE. It is, more often than not, a result of circumstances someone finds themselves in. Bias enters the conversation when the person involved stands to gain or lose or has a vested interest in the … [Read More]

TMB’s guide to navigating the New York Comic Con

It’s that time of year again! We’re just days away from the New York Comic Con! The convention is descending on the city of New York and the excitement is starting to set in for all of us attending. I’ve been attending this convention since its inception and as a native … [Read More]

Independent Spirit Awards Announces Nominations

The Independent Spirit Awards announced nominations on Tuesday and some unexpected contenders showed up on the list. Both high profile, all star cast films such as “The Silver Linings Playbook” and “Moonrise Kingdom” received 5 nominations each. Other more lesser known indie movies to receive four nominations include “Keep the … [Read More]

Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta’ Be Me Plays Chicago International Film Festival

Director Sam Pollard brought his hugely entertaining documentary Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta’ Be Me to the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival and spoke about the fascinating subject of this film. A host of celebrities, ranging from Whoopie Goldberg to Billy Crystal to Sidney Poitier testify to the man who was … [Read More]

Lets Talk: “V/H/S” Meanders with Few Effective Chills

  The month of October is a great time to watch a scary movie and the multiplexes are filled with them. I enjoy being haunted by a creepy movie this time of year. As the “Paranormal Activity” franchise grows tiresome, genre fans will want to look elsewhere to find the … [Read More]

I miss Mel Gibson: Let’s Talk “Get the Gringo”

  Now before you guys pull out the pitchforks and swear off this site, (again), I want you to hear me out. The title of this post pretty simply explains the gist, but let’s scratch at the surface to see what’s buried under there. Mel Gibson is not a favorable … [Read More]

Should Any Oscars Really Be Considered for Dark Knight Rises?

  As the summer season wraps up in a few weeks, its safe to say the only real big Oscar contender is Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” How refreshing that THE most anticipated film of 2012 was this exceptional and deserves Oscar nominations! It was jaw dropping spectacular, action … [Read More]

All Signs Show Audiences Will Wish [They] Were Here

  Many summer indie movies try to wow audiences by offering exceptional, heavy handed Oscar (light) bait. Nothing seems to want to be in the business to provide characteristics of an entertaining thriller for this time of year. Art house has to mostly be serious. Sure we see whimsical comedies … [Read More]