Media Conglomerate Stars Align to Anoint Sandra Bullock 2013’s EW Entertainer of the Year.

SHOCK: Time Warner owned Entertainment Weekly names Sandra Bullock star of Time Warner owned Warner Brothers movie Gravity Entertainer of the Year!   Now I know many avid moviegoers may think Sandra Bullock deserved to be named Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Year, and I agree that she is talented … [Read More]

Kenny’s First Telluride Film Festival Experience Was Unforgettable

  I had the pleasure to attend my first Telluride Film Festival this year. As a 9 year Colorado resident and a huge movie fan, this was very long overdue.  I saw quite a few movies and mingled with various industry types from well known directors to prominent members of … [Read More]

Beyond The Blockbusters: The Indie Summer Movies of 2014

  The summer movie season recently began and I find this to be the most dismal looking slate of mainstream features in almost 10 to 15 years. These studios hijack movies this time of year and they drift far away from the original purpose of film (like Sarah Palin confusing … [Read More]

Rest In Peace: Chantal Akerman—A Belated Word on a Lost Director

Chantal Akerman passed away this past Monday at the age of 65. Her death flew under the radar of the mainstream media, and did not catch my attention until Wednesday. We at The Movie Blog owe her, and everyone, an apology for our tardiness in coverage. The Belgian filmmaker deserves … [Read More]

Jane Goodall’s Work with Wild Chimpanzees Explored

When  I taught 7th and 8th grade Language Arts, I always showed the students the documentary (16 mm. film rented from the local library) “Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees.” Imagine my excitement at learning that Director Brett Morgen (“The Kid Stays In the Picture” (2002); “The Chicago Ten,” (2007); … [Read More]

Let’s Talk: Here Comes the Boom

  I’m reminded of Adam Sandler’s heyday with his films Billy Madison (1995), Big Daddy (1999), Happy Gilmore (1996) and The Wedding Singer (1998). Personally speaking I don’t know if James’ will encroach on that level of solid comedy, or maybe that’s my own bias, but “Here Comes the Boom” … [Read More]

Guest Post: The Best High School Movies Ever

  High school … is there another time in life more full of drama, angst and yes, comedy? Hollywood has not missed the fact that audiences love to watch movies about those golden years and, in the past five decades, hundreds of movies depicting high school life have hit the … [Read More]

SXSW: Adjusting to the Vibe of Austin and Seeing Some Films

Greetings Movie Blog Readers from Austin, Texas!   If any of you have been following the news coming from the Entertainment Industry the last few days, the South By Southwest  Film Festival is the hotspot to be. This is the fusion of pop culture, technology, and arts celebrated and shared among blended worlds; passionate cinephiles, hyper … [Read More]

Prelude to A vs R: Top 5 actors within last 5 years

We’re a, mostly, talented group of individuals here on TMB with the common goal of spreading our love of films and catering to you guys with information and opions that we feel are relevant and with that we typically all get along and agree, right? Wrong.   Sometimes we just … [Read More]

New York Film Academy: Becoming the Disciplined Screenwriter

  Two words neatly summarize the life of the screenwriter. One is fabulous, the other lonely.   “Fabulous” hardly warrants explanation. The contracts, the money, the adulation, the red carpet. Need we say more?   “Lonely” is self-evident as well, but perhaps needs a bit more discussion and elaboration. The … [Read More]