Summer’s Unnecessary Sequel: How Sin City 2 got ‘Kick-Assed’ at the Box Office.

  Remember the Eva Green controversy on the poster for Sin City 2 earlier this summer?Neither did audiences. Sin City 2 bombed at the box office over the weekend earning around $6 million. It missed its opening weekend projection by at least $10 million more. Luckily it received a B- grade … [Read More]

Several News Updates on the Aurora Theater Shooting

Here at TMB, I’ve attempted to keep you up to date on smaller stories that have broken within the last few weeks regarding the Aurora Theater Shooting from this previous summer. With Election Season, Economic News, Middle-East Turmoil and Autumn Sports dominating the news headlines, there were a few important updates with the … [Read More]

Guest Post: Why is Game of Thrones so popular?

  It seems like the world is currently building up excitement for the next series of Game of Thrones. Perhaps it’s a good time to think about why everyone loves the show so much. What is it about Game Of Thrones that makes it so popular?   The simple answer: … [Read More]

TMB’s Top Ten Films of 2015: Kenny’s Edition

2015 gave us a lot of great movies. Here are my picks for “the best of the best” movies of 2015.     10. What We Do in the Shadows Horror comedies can be painful, tedious, and not funny. (Marlon Wayans has made a career making them.) Blending the best … [Read More]

The Best Movies (Promotional Schwag) of 2013

  Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of articles on The Movie Blog looking back at some of movies most notable highlights, big trends, and best features of 2013.   Every year studios come up with promotional items to distribute to the press and public mostly during advanced screenings … [Read More]

7 SXSW 2015 Movies That Need Distribution NOW!

I watched quite a few movies during the SXSW Film Festival. One of the most rewarding and challenging experiences is falling in love with a movie that doesn’t have a distribution deal. It is rewarding because you were able to see it. However, the challenging aspect is not knowing when … [Read More]

Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying Kicks Off New York Film Festival

The 55th annual New York Film Festival kicked off Thursday night with the world premiere of Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying. This is Linklater’s third NYFF film but first opening night and its significance was not lost on him. In his introductory remarks at the 6 p.m. screening at Alice … [Read More]

Ben Affleck as Batman The Good The Bad and The Ugly

  The initial response to Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman was not good. Statistics showed that about 70% of all tweets were negative and there was even a petition started to sway Snyder to change his mind. Even with Affleck’s recent success with the film Argo, many … [Read More]

New Japanese Avengers trailer reveals more movie footage

A new trailer for The Avengers has surfaced and provides even more footage. We finally get a good look at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier along with some actual dialogue from Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill. I’m not going to spoil anymore, take a look below. Via: Yahoo Japan I think … [Read More]

Let’s Talk: The Bourne Legacy

  What did you think of The Bourne Legacy?   I’m reminded of the Saw franchise when it comes to The Bourne Legacy. Mainly in the fact of how each Saw sequel has been written in, this hidden fact that during the events of the first film, the events of … [Read More]