Isolated is a documentary that started as a surf film and evolved into a...

  I recently had the chance to speak with Executive Producer Geoff Clark regarding his documentary Isolated. I have always been a fan of surfing documentaries and the amazing footage that is captured but after having the opportunity to see this film and speak with Geoff, I found this to … [Read More]

Crowd Pleasing Gravity Orbiting Oscar Contention

  Oscar pundits have been speculating about the awards chances of many movies they have seen at elite film festival circuit. However, I would like to remind them and many of their followers that the critics and especially the positive or negative reaction of average movie fans have a vital … [Read More]

Total Recall 2012 Japanese Tv Spot

While August 3rd feels as distant as the future depicted in this upcoming remake of the classic 1990 Arnie action flick, we finally get to see something other than photos. Thanks to our friends in the land of the rising sun a rough TV spot has hit the web: Source: … [Read More]

Call Justice League The “Justice Avengers” And Reboot Everything

Justice League is finally here and there is A LOT to dig into with this film. As a fan of these comic book movie genre films, I know that there’s a lot riding on this movie. This isn’t simply a matter of being entertained. Because it is my belief that … [Read More]

J.J. Abrams WILL Direct Star Wars Episode VII

  I say this with a heavy heart but we’re getting word that J.J. Abrams has officially signed a binding contract and is now legally obligated to direct the announced Star Wars Episode VII for Disney/Lucas Film.     After weeks of shortlist stories, rumors, and denials, it appears that … [Read More]

Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54

  With the death of Tony Scott not far behind us, another tragedy has hit Hollywood. After being hospitalized since July after suffering a heart attack, Michael Clarke Duncan was pronounced dead on Monday September 3 at the age of 54. He had never fully recovered from his heart attack … [Read More]

Half-price Wednesday: ‘Leap of Faith’

  There is always a lot of focus on the latest and greatest but with the price of going to the theater being so costly, why not take advantage of the less costly resources at arm’s reach. Our generation has the advantage of many internet based media solutions that are … [Read More]

Ryan’s Rant: ‘The Tree of Life’ is a pretentious piece of sh*t

I know I’m late on seeing “The Tree of Life” but I am glad that I waited. I’m just going to say it…this movie is TERRIBLE! There have been few films that I have seen that have actually brought me to a boiling point but this film is going on … [Read More]

The Top 5 Under The Radar Thrillers

“The Gift,” a pulse pounding thriller directed by Joel Edgerton and starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. In correspondence with the release of the movie, here are the top five under the radar thrillers with unexpected plot twists that have you guessing till … [Read More]

Kenny Sayz, Sorry Entertainment Weekly, Ben Affleck isnt the Entertainer of the Year

  Entertainment Weekly declared Ben Affleck as 2012’s Entertainer of the Year…all because he released one amusing spy thriller “Argo.” While his emergence as a director is an impressive welcoming departure of his mess of a career, in my opinion, it doesn’t make him 2012’s Entertainer of the Year.  John … [Read More]