I had no idea that our friends in Korea received home releases so quickly. It’s come to my attention that the first 3 minutes of Justice League are now online in 1080P! Apparently the movie will hit the HD streaming market in Korea on December 19th.  In preperation for the home release A Korean retailer that is selling the movie currently has it available for pre-order right now, and they provided a free 3 minute preview of the movie’s opening in 1080p HD. I’ve saved you the trouble of going to the website and embedded below 😉

Justice League Opening | The Movie Blog

Opening moments of the Justice League movie now in HD courtesy of our friends in Korea who are receiving the home release on December 19th.

Posted by The Movie Blog on Thursday, December 14, 2017

Yes, the stache is bad. But man alive, do you see how hopeful Superman is? I know in the flurry to point the finger at the infamous CGI in this scene that a lot of people overlooked our cinematic Superman’s long standing flaw: Super-Dude was dour. He’s no longer dour, but is seeming in serious need of a facial reconstructive surgery.  You win some, you lose some.

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  1. Great cloche hats and I do love that one shot of Dorothy’s bob hairstyle-very cute . Just watched for the first time After the Thin Man, due to it’s New Year’s Eve setting, and again, Loy and Powell were great in it. I was wondering if you know what the break out part for Loy was to get her out of playing evil, exotic females?


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