It seems like just yesterday that we found out that a sequel to the Adam Sandler comedy ‘Grown Ups’ might be a possibility and today we get something better than confirmation in the form of a release date.

Source: Worst Previews

Now comes word that the studio has already set the new film for a July 12th, 2013 release.

You might be asking yourself why Sandler would choose “Grown Ups” as the first of his films that he will create a sequel for. The reason is simple: “Grown Ups” is his highest-grossing movie ever, having earned $271 million worldwide.

It’s a little odd that a release date would be set before lockin in the cast to reprise their roles, but that $271 million might be Sony’s secret weapon with regard to figuring out what it will take to get these guys to come back for another film. Seriously, there’s no reason why Kevin James and the rest wouldn’t come back but this will be Adam Sandler’s first ever sequel. There are plenty of other Sandler characters I’ve wanted to see revisited but this is the first one. Again, that $271 million is a very good negotiating tool…


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