Official Green Lantern Trailer Online

With all the fear that they would snark up Green Lantern and make it into Deadpool with a GL Ring. But the full trailer has officially launched and we have it here for you today! Ok, this looks a LOT better than that teaser we saw late last week. The … [Read More]

New Toy Story 3 Poster Online

A new poster for Toy Story 3 is out, and its my favourite one yet. The last couple have just been uninspiring, and as much as I like being introduced to the “new toys” of the preschool, I really just want to see our favourites back in action! Via

Toy Story 3 Gets To 1 Billion

Today, Toy Story 3 gets to $1 billion dollars grossed worldwide. It will also make Disney, the first studio in history to have two movies surpass this feat in the same year. A few weeks ago, Toy Story 3 passed Finding Nemo as Pixar’s highest grossing film ever. CinemaBlend reports: … [Read More]

Weekend Boxoffice Report August 20th-22nd

As predicted, The Expendables still holds strong to the top spot but I was surprised that Vampires Suck even hit the top 5. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as I have lost faith in the viewing audience anyways. Shame on you viewing audience. Boxoffice Mojo has the estimates. The … [Read More]

Twilight Eclipse Trailer Online

Now this is what I am talking about. This is a Twilight Movie that I think will draw in more people than just the Twihards. Sure there will be more of the sappy emo romance, but check out this trailer: There is a lot of asskickery going on here that … [Read More]

PeeWee Herman Returns with Judd Apatow

Looks like Paul Reubens’ long rumoured return to the PeeWee Herman character is finally becoming a reality, and he will join with Paul Apatow to direct his next feature film! NY Times quotes Reubens: Mr. Reubens has spoken frequently in interviews about two Pee-wee-centered film scripts he has written that … [Read More]

Star Wars Collection on BluRay

I love Star Wars, and I own every film and various extended products, but not all the different releases. Releasing multiple versions of films was taken to such an artform that it is now a slang verb from the name of George Lucas. Lucas – [loo-kuhs] –verb (used with object) … [Read More]

New Zealand Crews Protest the MEAA Hobbit Boycott

After a very small and selective group of very loud mouths shot from the hip calling for their membership to boycott the biggest production to ever produce on their lovely shores its membership has made it very clear they do not agree. I am talking about The New Zealand Actor’s … [Read More]

First Look at Emma Stone Blond for Spider-Man

When people first heard that Emma Stone was cast as Peter Parker’s love interest in the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, instantly everyone thought the sexy redheaded star would be playing Mary Jane Watson. But when it was announced that she would be playing Gwen Stacy people were puzzled. … [Read More]

Sony picks Andrew Garfield to play Spider-Man

In a remarkable announcement today Sony has picked their Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield will play Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s reboot of the franchise. IndieWire breaks the news Sony Pictures Entertainment has chosen its new Spider-Man. It’s Brit Andrew Garfield, perhaps the most mature of the crop of boyish actors the … [Read More]