I am perplexed by this movie. On one hand, this looks as it is going to be hot trash, left out in the sun, and on another hand looks like a lot of fun. The feeling that it gives off is a mix between Ocean Eleven and Speed, which does not sound too bad at all. The cast is fifty/fifty. Robert De Niro brings gravitas to any film so that is a check. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is definitely a solid actor so that’s another check. (side-note: did you know he is playing Tomas Wayne in Batman V Superman? I will go as far as saying that was perfect casting). Morris Chestnut is for some reason in this film. Do not get me wrong, he is a good looking brother, but he has not gotten any  better as an actor since the 90s… early 90s to be exact. But , who knows he might give an Oscar level performances (HA!). Check the trailer and let me know how you feel about it.



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trim-heist heist2 heist


I love that don’t fuck with me Robert De Niro face



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