The Hunger Games was announced to be getting a March 2012 release and later confirmed it would be on the 23rd, and it looks like after some shuffling the WB will be releasing Wrath of the Titans (Sequel to Clash of the Titans) on the same day.

MovieFone says:

Apparently the folks over at Warner Brothers have no fear, because they’ve opted to push back the big release of their ‘Clash of the Titans’ sequel, ‘Wrath of the Titans,’ from March 20th, 2012 to March 23rd, 2012, the same day the highly-anticipated adaption of ‘The Hunger Games’ is due out.

Now on one hand, the cult following of the Hunger Games books is insane. We are talking near Twilight intense insane without all the emo.

And while Clash of the Titans had is following, the less than spectacular post 3d remake might make people hesitate to follow this sequel. Will it correct the wrongs of the first film? Will it stink more? There is a lot of wild cards there. As much as the series can cater to the nostalgia of the original and may redeem itself, there is no guarantee, but one thing it does have is a big screen presence already.

As passionate as the Hunger Games fans are, if you ask the average movie patron if they had heard of the young adult book series, they likely would say no. Its a passionate following, but in the big picture I doubt they have the numbers. Yet.

But it isn’t like they are moving the film from one week to another, it is the same week. They are just not giving Wrath that running start at the weekend. Are they confident that it doesn’t need that expanded weekend presence?

Who do you think will win out?

Hotly anticipated book adaptation or Fantasy Adventure sequel attempting to redeem itself?



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