Chick Flick Friday: ‘True Blood’s’ Carrie Preston talks about her film ‘That’s What She...

  If you have ever seen HBO’s series “True Blood,” then you know of the character Arlene played by Carrie Preston. What you might not know about Carrie is her involvement in a variety of other projects outside of “True Blood” and her recently released film that she directed titled, … [Read More]

David Russell discusses his latest book, ‘Enchanters: Glys of Myradelle’

  Earlier this year we had the privilege of interviewing Concept and Storyboard Artist/Writer David Russell who has had a very successful career in the film industry. After speaking about his work on a variety of films and giving us some very exclusive concept art for “Star Wars: Return of … [Read More]

In Music, Love, and Faith, Jacqui Naylor is one “Lucky Girl.”

    As much as I love documentaries, typically I do not find the musical documentaries as interesting as the serious subject matter engrained in non-fiction films, especially political/issue-based documentaries. Thankfully I came across “Lucky Girl” which softened my callous heart toward the niche doc genre. Credit to this achievement … [Read More]

ParaNorman co-directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell on ParaNorman

    “ParaNorman” is the animated stop motion, full-length feature debut from Chris Butler and Sam Fell. Chris Butler’s recent movie making experience was working in the art department for previous ghoulish stop motion films such as “Coraline” and “Corpse Bride.” Sam Fell co-directed both the animated “Tale of Despereaux” … [Read More]

Interview: Director of United Nations Documentary “U.N. Me.” Ami Horowitz

“U.N. Me” is the new scathing documentary both sarcastic in comedic tone, heavy on subject matter from first time director Ami Horowitz. I sat down with director Horowitz after a screening of “U.N. Me” to engage in a conversation with him about his new film, what he wants the audience … [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: Anna Faris: Comedy’s Go-To Girl

Anna Faris: Comedy’s Go-To Girl By Frank Pasquine @FrankPasquine Unless you’ve never been to a theater, don’t subscribe to Netflix, or never turn on your cable, you’ve probably seen Anna Faris. Remember? She’s the ditz in Scary Movie, The Hot Chick, Lost in Translation…well, in a lot of movies. But, … [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: Brett Gipson from Knights of Badassom

There have been documentaries on it, comedies have used it as bits of added humor, but there has yet to be a movie that both glorifies the world of LARPing while adding comedic value…until now. If you haven’t heard of the movie Knights of Badassom then you better start preparing … [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: Star Wars Storyboard Artist David Russell

There are many important roles in film making, but only a few are visible to the public eye. As the screenwriter is responsible for a film’s dialogue, the storyboard artist is responsible for the layout of many key scenes in a film. I had a chance to speak with David … [Read More]