Red Carpet Interview: Darkest Hour screenwriter Anthony McCarten

Gary Oldman is on track to win the best actor Oscar for his metamorphosis into Winston Churchill in Joe Wright’s World War II drama “Darkest Hour.” But part of the glory should go to New Zealand screenwriter Anthony McCarten (“The Theory of Everyting”), who has managed to weave  together seamlessly … [Read More]

Chadwick Boseman Weighs In On “Marshall” and Donald Trump

During the 53rd annual Chicago International Film Festival, the cast of Marshall attended the Chicago premiere of the film.  I was fortunate enough to interview the cast on their thoughts on both the film and its importance during the current political climate. Seeing as though Chadwick Boseman put a lot … [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: Anna Faris: Comedy’s Go-To Girl

Anna Faris: Comedy’s Go-To Girl By Frank Pasquine @FrankPasquine Unless you’ve never been to a theater, don’t subscribe to Netflix, or never turn on your cable, you’ve probably seen Anna Faris. Remember? She’s the ditz in Scary Movie, The Hot Chick, Lost in Translation…well, in a lot of movies. But, … [Read More]

“It Comes At Night” Writer/Director Trey Shults Talks Terror in His Second Film

Trey Shults Interview Genre: Horror/thriller/mystery Length: 1 hour, 37 minutes Writer/Director: Trey Edward Shults Cast: Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, Christopher Abbott, Riley Keough, Kelvin Harrison, Jr., Griffin Robert Faulkner, David Pendleton, Mikey the dog Following the absolutely gut-wrenching preview showing of the film “It Comes At Night” in Chicago on … [Read More]

A Q&A with Christopher Nolan about his new film Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan “Dunkirk,” Christopher Nolan’s nail-biting World War II epic thriller about the heroic evacuation of 300,000 plus British soldiers from invading enemy forces in May 1940 lives up to its hype. The film, which officially opens Friday, is both an artistic and pop culture achievement. It has already received … [Read More]

Elizabeth Healey talks about doing it a whole new way in “Across the River”

Veteran British actress Elizabeth Healey has never played a part quite at all like the one she brings us in the new film “Across the River”.  Script?  What script? I recently had the opportunity to offer some questions to Ms. Elizabeth Healey.  Here is what she had to tell me…… … [Read More]

From Russia With Love: David Interviews Albert Goikhman

David Black interviews one of the most prolific actors of the Australian indie movie industry – Albert Goikhman! Hi everyone. Today I am going to be chatting to one of the hardest working actors in the Australian indie movie industry.  I met Albert Goikhman a year ago on the set … [Read More]

Interview: Director of United Nations Documentary “U.N. Me.” Ami Horowitz

“U.N. Me” is the new scathing documentary both sarcastic in comedic tone, heavy on subject matter from first time director Ami Horowitz. I sat down with director Horowitz after a screening of “U.N. Me” to engage in a conversation with him about his new film, what he wants the audience … [Read More]

Interview: Simon Dixon, Gareth Coulam Evans, Damien Molony, and Brian Gleeson Talk “Tiger Raid”

“Tiger Raid” has been drawing buzz lately at Tribeca Film Festival. I had a chance to speak with Writer/Director Simon Dixon, producer/co-writer Gareth Coulam Evans and the films stars Brian Gleeson and Damien Molony about the film. Below is an excerpt of the interview, including the entire audio of the … [Read More]

I’m So Excited! An interview with director Pedro Almodóvar

    Pedro Almodóvar, Spain’s greatest living director, showed up at the Crosby Hotel in SoHo recently to promote his new film “I’m So Excited!” a sex farce that’s a throwback to his 1980’s comedies like “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,”  “What Have I Done to Deserve … [Read More]