I do not know if I like Kevin Smith films. They ride along the line of cheesy campiness and brilliance. In either case, I still enjoy them. As I watched the trailer, I found something perfect for Kevin’s style. Then, HOLD UP. I looked up the film, and realized this was not directed by Kevin Smith. Krampus was actually directed by Michael Dougherty. He wrote the screenplays of Superman Returns and two X-men films. I think this is his first full-length film he has directed which does not provide me with any constellation of hope. However, between the actors and an unique telling of a Christmas story, I am intrigued and willing to give Mr. Coming – Up, Director Michael Dougherty a chance. BUT, if he should fail, I will throw him in the same box as Michael Bay and M Night Shyamalan.


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tumblr_nuewagPLCH1qej1i6o4_1280 8418a1f9b29391bb9c48a6b6a851ecdd Krampus_trailer


  1. Oh Crikey, I just eat this stuff up, your wonderful Cooking With the Stars series, not what they are sharing with us gastronomically. . although I have been tempted to make Walter McLaglen’s Chili.


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