It could just be that Ed Helms is in the movie but there’s a bit more to the idea that this movie seems like an unofficial sequel to the recently released “Vacation” movie (think National Lampoons Family Holiday). The premise is that a quirky four-generation family is getting together for Christmas Eve dinner. Idunno if you’ve ever had four generations of family in one house but I get some choice stories to share with friends with just two. The movie stars John Goodman and friends… who else do we really need? John Goodman hasn’t turned in a bad performance in a while so that should be enough, right? There’s also Amanda Seyfried, Marisa Tomei, Olivia Wilde, Anthony Mackie and more so you know that this is one of those films filled to the brim with recognizable faces working their butts off to imitate your quirky and slightly dysfunctional family at Christmas.


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Looks like it’s a bit of fun but some of the jokes in the trailer fall flat. I get a good impression that it will be a good movie but I can’t judge if it will be a great movie. Certainly not with this trailer. Maybe we’ll see more and get some laugh out loud jokes?


That’s all for now…


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  1. Speaking as someone who has written an original screenplay set in the late 1910s featuring the Mothers of Cinema including Guy-Blache, Weber, Marion and others, this set is an absolute must-buy for me. I’m especially interested in the more obscure ladies and their work, although I’m slightly disappointed they didn’t include Weber’s most controversial film WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN? I know Milestone is putting out restored versions of SHOES and THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI later this year and that HYPOCRITES has been available for years, but I’m still a little surprised WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN? wasn’t included, as i already have THE BLOT w/Stamp’s commentary on DVD.

    By the way, Fritzi, do you think A-list Hollywood actresses would jump at the chance of playing the Mothers of Cinema onscreen in a huge Hollywood production? For example, can you see Marion Cotillard playing Alice Guy-Blache or Taraji P. Henson playing Madam C.J. Walker?


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