Media Overload is a theme we deliver when we receive such a tremendous amount of images for a particular film that it often melts computers and overloads opticals just by loading the posts. This my international friends is a special high-res ‘Media Overload’ for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’:



Source: Warner Bros.


  1. Whenever I tell someone I watch silents they look at me as if I just said that I collect deep ocean slugs or something like that. Many are kind and pretend interest, maybe even have heard of “Metropolis” or “Gold Rush” but most of them associate silents with flickering scratched black-and-white films with people acting in fast motion accompanied by funny piano music.
    Interestingly I found younger people to be more open to the subject than for example my parent’s generation who grew up with TV in the 50s and 60s.
    Nevertheless I experienced that silents are often dismissed as a funny curiosity from a time long, long ago.


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