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So it’s the end of 2017! Where did it go? So I read 196 books this year missing my goodreads goal by 4 but that is okay. ( Read like a mad woman to get that 196th book finished lol) I will not set it so high for 2018. I did pretty good overall on my challenges I only really failed one of the reading challenges though it says two but one of the books I read I have blogged ahead so it doesn’t count it. 🙁

Read/Listened to 14 books in December.

What I read this month:

2017 Audiobook2017 Audiobook

Host: Cohosted by Hot Listens and Caffeinated Book Reviews
My Summary Post
Progress: 108/85 (127%)
1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017



2017 Blogger Shame2017 Blogger Shame

Host: Anna @ herding Cats and Burning Soup
My Summary Post
Progress: 9/10 (90%)
1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017



2017 Cloak and Dagger2017 Cloak and Dagger

Host: Cohosted by myself and Barb @ Booker T’s Farm
My Summary Post
Progress: 103/100 (103%)
1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017



2017 Cruzin thru the Cozies2017 Cruzin thru the Cozies

Host: Socrates\’ Book Reviews
My Summary Post
Progress: 37/20 (185%)
1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017


– One from culinary (anything dealing with food:  restaurants, baked goods, etc.)

– One from animal related (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)

– One from craft related (any kind of hobbies – knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc.)

– One from paranormal (witches, vampires, etc.)

– One from British cozy mysteries (example:  Belinda Lawrence series)

– One career-based cozy mystery (housekeeping, wedding planner, etc.)

– One holiday based (set during any holiday – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.)

– One travel mystery (character could be on a cruise, touring another area, etc.)

You know I don’t think I read a cozy where my MC traveled for like vacation…oops.
– One historical mystery (any mystery not set in the present)

– One is your choice!  (freebie!)

I did the second level which was the read from these themes then read 10 more books so I think I pretty much have that covered and don’t feel real bad about not reading a travel book. 🙂

2017 Netgalley and Edelweiss2017 Netgalley and Edelweiss

Host: Hosted by Bookish Things and More
My Summary Post
Progress: 49/50 (98%)
1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017


I really did read 50!!! 🙁 🙂

2017 New Release2017 New Release

Host: Hosted by myself and Lexxie @ unconditional book views
My Summary Post
Progress: 73/60 (122%)
1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017



Bookish Resolution Challenge

Reading Goals:

  • Read at least 25 of my own books. Nope, can’t remember how many but it wasn’t a lot.
  • Put a major dent in old review books. Not putting a number on this one cause I just don’t know what to put but I do want to read as many as I can and try and get caught up. (Not that it will actually happen.) 🙂 Nope, seems I only read 9 lol.
  • Do my best to keep up with review books for 2017, I am tired of being behind. I tried, I really did but nope. I looked at all the books still left from 2017 and it’s horrible…lol.
  • Not requesting as many new books so that I can keep caught up. Such a huge fail! I can’t help myself! 🙂 🙁

Personal Goals:

  • Use my newbie planner I got to keep track of review books and blog tours. (Got this cheap little planner to see if I will like them or not…lol.)  I didn’t do great but I did better than I thought I would. I bought a bullet journal for 2018 to try that out and see what happens…lol. 
  • Blog ahead – try and keep at least a week or two ahead of schedule. I have done good with this up till the last week of the year and now I got to hurry up to get back ahead!!

Writing Goals:

  • Lets just pretend this one wasn’t here but it’s one of the reason I am setting my reading goal lower cause I really want to work on this in 2018. 🙂 🙁 🙂

 So these are my goals for the year and I hope I can keep to them. 🙂

What I hope to read in January 2018 (can’t believe I just said that) 🙂

These are ones that come out in January that I have so hoping I can manage them and stay a bit ahead! There are a couple on hold at the library on my must read list so just waiting that out but at least they are not review books! 🙂


Some left over from 2017 I wanted to get to but just couldn’t fit them in.


Trying to stay ahead so maybe some February reads! 🙂




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