So the official spin-off title is Solo: A Star Wars Story?

See that? That’s Disney giving a movie an official title after they’ve filmed the thing.  Solo: A Star Wars Story. Clearly production on this movie wasn’t as smooth as seamless as initially envisioned with changes in the  directors seat and more. Ron Howard is a veteran when it comes to creating … [Read More]

That new Justice League Trailer tho

Justice League Trailer That new Justice League trailer snuck up and sucker punched the world in preparation for the pending release. We FINALLY get an (underwhelming) look at Henry Caville in the Justice League trailer and he looks… exactly like Henry Caville being as stoic as possible. Everyone clearly knows that … [Read More]

7 of the most iconic fashion moments in film

    From tartan blazers and knee high socks to Vivienne Westwood wedding gowns, take a look at some of the top iconic fashion moments from our favourite films.   The Seven Year Itch   Whether you’ve seen this movie or not, you’re sure to be familiar with the dress … [Read More]

Scenes from Casino that really happened!

From the iconic scene showing the meeting of Ginger and Sam, to the explosive introductory scene, Casino has a flair for the dramatic. Which is incredibly appropriate in a movie about High Rollers, corruption in Las Vegas and the Mob’s influence. But what might surprise you is that, just like … [Read More]

Best Casino/Gambling Movies

Now and again I get stumped on what I want to watch, for the life of me I cant decide on what to put on. Just the other day this very thing happened and I found myself aimlessly searching the web to pass the time. While checking out an Online … [Read More]

Top 5 movies at the Box office Weekend 25-27 August 2017

The weekend was the worst for the box office in 16 years. Box office weekend total movie earning amounted to $65 million in North America and the top twelve films grossed only $49.6 million. It was the slowest weekend since September 2001 with low movie earnings. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor … [Read More]

Remake Rant: Bruce Willis in Death Wish

Death Wish Now I’ve not posted in forever, mostly out of sheer laziness and a myriad of other made up reasons to not do any actually posting. But now and again I feel the urge, the need, the desire to spread my ill-conceived thoughts with you fine people of the … [Read More]

Great Action Films

No matter how unrealistic they may seem, action films have been a staple of the silver screen for decades. Car chases, explosions and countless rounds of seemingly limitless ammo. Some of the biggest actors and actresses have come from the action genre. We take a look at some of the … [Read More]

3 Casino Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now

Casino games have been romanticized in movies. From action-packed scenes complete with lazing guns and a sour deal, to the moving scenario of the gambler who wins it all and then loses, the world of gambling has provided fodder for the movie industry. While motion pictures may embellish the life … [Read More]

Spider-Man: A Homecoming in Pop Culture

  Over the years, many characters have entered into popular culture. These heroes of legend, books, poems, films, plays, and more have become ingrained into our conscious and are very identifiable. They are recognised worldwide by people of different ages and backgrounds, and can become even archetypical. Think of characters … [Read More]