Top Five Movie Themed Slot Games

Many people are already familiar with the top five movie themed slot games. These are certainly some of the most popular games that have been released in almost any context. Licensing issues will often make it difficult for games like this to really last for a long period of time, … [Read More]

Latino Film Stars and Three of Their Most Popular Roles

Consider Salma Hayek, the Mexican-born actress who has appeared in numerous films. Her characters often typify the widespread perception of the Latina female. Raven-haired. Hourglass figure. Fiery. Sensual. Provocative. Quick-tempered. Passionate. But the diverse range of individuals portrayed by Hayek and others born south of the Rio Grande may contain … [Read More]

The best casino strategies found on film

Casino gambling certainly has a glamorous image attached to it. Visiting a casino used to be the distraction of the rich and famous, with vast sums of money gambled in glamorous locations not open to the riff raff. Hollywood capitalised on this image, painting characters like James Bond as living … [Read More]

Wonder Woman Is A Wide Range Industry Brand

Wonder Woman is the latest DC Comics character to star in their own movie. The character is portrayed by Gal Gadot and she made her debut in the 2016 movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The movie is expected to do very well when it is released in cinemas … [Read More]

How to prepare for The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

How to Prepare for Comic Con: It’s that time of year again! We’re just days away from The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! The convention is descending on the city of Las Vegas and the excitement is starting to set in. I’ve noticed dozens of people struggle to navigate their way … [Read More]

The Best Golfing Films

The 3 Best Golfing Films Unlike the likes of boxing (how many times have we seen the rise of an unlikely, plucky, underdog?!) golf films have failed to reach the heights of their many sporting counterparts. That doesn’t mean that golf films aren’t worth a watch though. From uproarious comedies … [Read More]

The Top 4 Coolest Kids Movie Bedrooms

If there’s one thing we knew for sure when we were younger, it’s that your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place to escape, sure, but more importantly it’s a space of your own that you can shape to match your personality. You know this, I know this, and you … [Read More]

James Bond in casinos

Casinos have always been associated with secret agents and detectives. Thus, it is no wonder to see many of the James Bond movies are well known for their Casio scenes. The action-packed movies never cease to impress and entertain. And, one must agree, Bond appears even more enigmatic and mysterious … [Read More]

“The Best Offer” Review…I suggest you accept!

    A story centered on an eccentric art auctioneer and his obsession with an heiress/collector. Geoffrey…Rush…is…an…actor.  Are we clear on this?  Damn, is this guy good at his job.  I submit that the versatile veteran Aussie is the reason to watch the exquisite mystery drama “The Best Offer”. Rush … [Read More]