O.C.C.’s Film Festival Featured Anton Yelchin’s performance in Porto

I recently attended the Oakton Community College Pop-Up Film Festival. The festival is organized by Film Instructor and Director Michael G. Smith in Des Plaines, Illinois. Porto is a film featuring one of Anton Yelchin’s final film performances, and was shown with Writer/Director Gabe Klinger in attendance for a Q&A afterwards. … [Read More]

Article title: Top 3 Casino Movie Scenes Of All Time

There are lots of worthy contenders for the top 3 casino movie scenes of all time. Some people will catalog all of the best scenes from all of the most famous casino movies. There are some scenes that will show up on relevant lists over and over again, of course. … [Read More]

Who could win Best actress in the Oscars?

Excitement is building ahead of the 2018 Academy Awards and the field for the prestigious Best Actress gong looks extremely competitive. Former winner Frances McDormand is the current frontrunner for her portrayal of a vengeful mother in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. She has received huge acclaim for her multi-layered … [Read More]

The story of Richard Munchkin- High Roller

Richard Munchkin is an interesting character with an incredible natural talent and an entirely different dream. Starting from the beginning, Richard Munchkin (born Richard Jacobs), was born in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA and from a young age showed a great aptitude for numbers and, more specifically, games of strategy. He … [Read More]

GenderStorm – How GeoStorm makes weather control a masculine project

The disaster movie GeoStorm is more than unrealistic, as the genre ‘disaster movie’ already suggests. The movie contributes to a gendered, specifically “male” narrative of controlling the weather and the climate. While taming hurricanes, destroying thunderclouds, and adjusting global and regional temperatures cannot be said to represent a male fantasy … [Read More]

Why Liberal Studies is an Excellent Degree for Aspiring Filmmakers

Liberal studies, despite its modern sounding name, is one of the oldest educational subjects in the world. There are records of students studying the subject as far back as Ancient Greece, in fact, a liberal studies education was considered to be the mark of the most educated individuals in Greek … [Read More]

Netflix’s Godless: A Frank Success?

After being one of the most lauded screenwriters of the 90’s, with such work as Get Shorty, Out of Sight, and Dead Again, Scott Frank conceived the idea for Godless in the early 2000’s. He saw as a project for Steven Soderbergh, who wasn’t keen on the idea of directing … [Read More]

Spiderman Homecoming Bingo!

With the DVD launched and everyone able to sit down and enjoy the latest reboot of Spiderman from the comfort of their own home, we thought it might be fun to give you a game to play while you watch. Working with bingo.paddypower.com, we’ve put together this excellent gamecard so … [Read More]

How You Can Benefit From Getting A Deeper Insight Into Film Business

People have always enjoyed movies. It is an arts sector that generates new ideas and new values. It is also a very profitable industry. Unfortunately, the majority of people enjoy only watching films, while the film industry has more to propose and therefore truly inspire you. Film Industry: What We … [Read More]

Neill Blomkamp releases ADAM: Episode 3

Neill Blomkamp is an incredibly accomplished director. He’s created some of the most visually stunning films in recent memory, all with their own unique tone and style. Neill is back this time working with OATS studios to create a new CGI short films titled ‘Adam: Episode 3’. The short was … [Read More]