Remake Rant: Bruce Willis in Death Wish

Death Wish Now I’ve not posted in forever, mostly out of sheer laziness and a myriad of other made up reasons to not do any actually posting. But now and again I feel the urge, the need, the desire to spread my ill-conceived thoughts with you fine people of the … [Read More]

Most iconic film scenes that have taken place in a bathroom

Some of the most iconic film scenes in history have taken place in some of the most innocuous of locations – including the bathroom. You may not realise it, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised. To prove that fact, here is a selection of the most iconic film scenes that … [Read More]

Wonder Woman Is A Wide Range Industry Brand

Wonder Woman is the latest DC Comics character to star in their own movie. The character is portrayed by Gal Gadot and she made her debut in the 2016 movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The movie is expected to do very well when it is released in cinemas … [Read More]

Hit the jackpot

Tom Moyse, from online casino comparison site, on why gambling films are often blockbuster hits

How You Can Benefit From Getting A Deeper Insight Into Film Business

People have always enjoyed movies. It is an arts sector that generates new ideas and new values. It is also a very profitable industry. Unfortunately, the majority of people enjoy only watching films, while the film industry has more to propose and therefore truly inspire you. Film Industry: What We … [Read More]

The story of Richard Munchkin- High Roller

Richard Munchkin is an interesting character with an incredible natural talent and an entirely different dream. Starting from the beginning, Richard Munchkin (born Richard Jacobs), was born in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA and from a young age showed a great aptitude for numbers and, more specifically, games of strategy. He … [Read More]

“The Best Offer” Review…I suggest you accept!

    A story centered on an eccentric art auctioneer and his obsession with an heiress/collector. Geoffrey…Rush…is…an…actor.  Are we clear on this?  Damn, is this guy good at his job.  I submit that the versatile veteran Aussie is the reason to watch the exquisite mystery drama “The Best Offer”. Rush … [Read More]

How to prepare for The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

How to Prepare for Comic Con: It’s that time of year again! We’re just days away from The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! The convention is descending on the city of Las Vegas and the excitement is starting to set in. I’ve noticed dozens of people struggle to navigate their way … [Read More]

Evolution of Movies

Over the decades movies have changed. We talk of Oscar winnings against box office hits and the declining revenues being experienced at the movies. These changes, however, come along with the films/movies industry other than the movies themselves. James Cutting a Cornell University Psychologist looked over the years of movie … [Read More]

Films and Full Houses: 3 Great Casino Movies

Source: Casino via Facebook Sometimes a film, like any creative piece of art, just doesn’t seem to work. The plot might be unimaginative, the characters might come off as boring or unrealistic, or the cinmatography might not gel with the feel of the rest of the film. There are endless ways a movie can … [Read More]