Evolution of Movies

Over the decades movies have changed. We talk of Oscar winnings against box office hits and the declining revenues being experienced at the movies. These changes, however, come along with the films/movies industry other than the movies themselves. James Cutting a Cornell University Psychologist looked over the years of movie … [Read More]

Why Liberal Studies is an Excellent Degree for Aspiring Filmmakers

Liberal studies, despite its modern sounding name, is one of the oldest educational subjects in the world. There are records of students studying the subject as far back as Ancient Greece, in fact, a liberal studies education was considered to be the mark of the most educated individuals in Greek … [Read More]

Hit the jackpot

Tom Moyse, from online casino comparison site Jackpot.co.uk, on why gambling films are often blockbuster hits

Neill Blomkamp releases ADAM: Episode 3

Neill Blomkamp is an incredibly accomplished director. He’s created some of the most visually stunning films in recent memory, all with their own unique tone and style. Neill is back this time working with OATS studios to create a new CGI short films titled ‘Adam: Episode 3’. The short was … [Read More]

Why Did Secretariat Flop Abroad?

  Source: Secretariat via Facebook  While there have been many films over the years based on horse racing, none have quite managed to capture the essence of the much-loved sport as well as Randall Wallace’s Secretariat. The 2010 film, which is based on a true story and chronicles the life … [Read More]

3 Modern Fairytales That Give Love a Good Name

Let’s face it, the best moment in all the fairytales we’ve read as children was that when the prince finally kissed the princess and they went on to live their happily ever after. Love is an essential element of a powerful fairytale, which is why for this article we have … [Read More]

Films and Full Houses: 3 Great Casino Movies

Source: Casino via Facebook Sometimes a film, like any creative piece of art, just doesn’t seem to work. The plot might be unimaginative, the characters might come off as boring or unrealistic, or the cinmatography might not gel with the feel of the rest of the film. There are endless ways a movie can … [Read More]

Spider-Man: A Homecoming in Pop Culture

  Over the years, many characters have entered into popular culture. These heroes of legend, books, poems, films, plays, and more have become ingrained into our conscious and are very identifiable. They are recognised worldwide by people of different ages and backgrounds, and can become even archetypical. Think of characters … [Read More]

Best Casino/Gambling Movies

Now and again I get stumped on what I want to watch, for the life of me I cant decide on what to put on. Just the other day this very thing happened and I found myself aimlessly searching the web to pass the time. While checking out an Online … [Read More]

Ocean’s Eight: Can Franchise Bounce Back With Change In Direction?

When the fourth installment of a franchise is reached, it seems fair to say that the writers and the production team (let alone the cast) are going to have their work cut out when it comes to making the film a true classic. Putting the spotlight on the Ocean’s franchise’s … [Read More]