Wonder Woman Is A Wide Range Industry Brand

Wonder Woman is the latest DC Comics character to star in their own movie. The character is portrayed by Gal Gadot and she made her debut in the 2016 movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The movie is expected to do very well when it is released in cinemas … [Read More]

Lucky Numbers – Not Just a Bad Movie…

For John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow, the 2000 film Lucky Numbers was not their finest, although they have both since made far better movies, such as Travolta’s 2013 offering Killing Season. With a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Lucky Numbers grossed less than half of the amount it cost to … [Read More]

Why Did Secretariat Flop Abroad?

  Source: Secretariat via Facebook  While there have been many films over the years based on horse racing, none have quite managed to capture the essence of the much-loved sport as well as Randall Wallace’s Secretariat. The 2010 film, which is based on a true story and chronicles the life … [Read More]

The combined top 10 movies of the 21st century

  Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/richardsummers/542629880 Whether you are a working individual or a student, you probably cannot wait for the holiday season. It almost feels as if the whole year has built up to these few weeks of you (and don’t forget the family) time. No doubt, on top of whatever … [Read More]

Most iconic film scenes that have taken place in a bathroom

Some of the most iconic film scenes in history have taken place in some of the most innocuous of locations – including the bathroom. You may not realise it, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised. To prove that fact, here is a selection of the most iconic film scenes that … [Read More]

Neill Blomkamp releases ADAM: Episode 3

Neill Blomkamp is an incredibly accomplished director. He’s created some of the most visually stunning films in recent memory, all with their own unique tone and style. Neill is back this time working with OATS studios to create a new CGI short films titled ‘Adam: Episode 3’. The short was … [Read More]

The best casino strategies found on film

Casino gambling certainly has a glamorous image attached to it. Visiting a casino used to be the distraction of the rich and famous, with vast sums of money gambled in glamorous locations not open to the riff raff. Hollywood capitalised on this image, painting characters like James Bond as living … [Read More]

5 of the most iconic movie dance scenes

Who doesn’t love a good dance scene? Whether you’re a dancing connoisseur or not, the right dance scene can give viewers that instant feel good mood and often leave us blown away by our favourite actors fancy footwork. To spark your memory, here’s a guide to five of the best … [Read More]

Evolution of Movies

Over the decades movies have changed. We talk of Oscar winnings against box office hits and the declining revenues being experienced at the movies. These changes, however, come along with the films/movies industry other than the movies themselves. James Cutting a Cornell University Psychologist looked over the years of movie … [Read More]

What Killed “The Cincinnati Kid”?

The Cincinnati Kid There are diseases that become forever associated with a famous victim. Michael J. Fox is active with research for Parkinson’s Disease. Mary Tyler Moore was a lifelong diabetic. Jerry Lewis, although not a victim of the disease, will always be associated with the marathon television fundraisers he … [Read More]