Another day, another update on a Marvel film. This time we’re returning to the next movie slated for release which is the Doctor Strange flick. It may not be new footage, or a way to justify the Ancient One’s gender and ethnicity change, but it is a look at the good doctor in full garb.

Here’s a better look at the new #DoctorStrange poster I found!! Enjoy!

— Cooper Hood (@CooperMCUEx) July 17, 2016

Nothing else to see here, move along now.

[Screen Rant]


  1. I think it depends on upbringing. I was a 90s kid, but my parents introduced me to classic musicals, which I still love. As a teen, I explored their non-musical collection, and then finally overcame my prejudice against silent film. Oddly enough, I never had an issue with black and white.

    It also helps to have a deep appreciation of history.


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