Watch This New TV Spot For Michael Bay’s PAIN & GAIN With Dwayne Johnson And Mark Wahlberg


Source: Rama’s Screen






  1. it’s a good thing my wallet is broken or I’d be scooping up some stills and later eat ramen made from a box of toothpicks dunked in a salt brine for a few hours. I’ll pass this info along to some folks with more disposable income and get them to perhaps spend some of that…

  2. Amazing what they could do with smoke. It’s so funny how it was considered even sexy back then. I think of the films where the bars/ dinner areas were full of smoke. I would be coughing up a lung! Both my parents smoked. My mom used to have the long cigarette holders when she was still in Germany. My dad quite cold turkey in the early 80’s but my mom never did. It is a horrible thing to get hooked on and does so much damage.


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