A Moon of Nickel and Ice is a Grim Visit in Russian Prison Camp

A Moon of Nickel and Ice In the icy Russian mining city of Norlisk, population 177,000, residents endure sub-zero temperatures and the weight of a dark history. A Moon of Nickel and Ice: Once a Soviet labor camp in the 1930’s and 1940’s, tens of thousands of political prisoners died while … [Read More]

So the official spin-off title is Solo: A Star Wars Story?

See that? That’s Disney giving a movie an official title after they’ve filmed the thing.  Solo: A Star Wars Story. Clearly production on this movie wasn’t as smooth as seamless as initially envisioned with changes in the  directors seat and more. Ron Howard is a veteran when it comes to creating … [Read More]

That new Justice League Trailer tho

Justice League Trailer That new Justice League trailer snuck up and sucker punched the world in preparation for the pending release. We FINALLY get an (underwhelming) look at Henry Caville in the Justice League trailer and he looks… exactly like Henry Caville being as stoic as possible. Everyone clearly knows that … [Read More]

Spider-Man: A Homecoming in Pop Culture

  Over the years, many characters have entered into popular culture. These heroes of legend, books, poems, films, plays, and more have become ingrained into our conscious and are very identifiable. They are recognised worldwide by people of different ages and backgrounds, and can become even archetypical. Think of characters … [Read More]

Netflix acquires Mark Millar’s Millarworld

This guy is a real businessman. I’ve been following the career of Mark Millar for some time now and I have to admit that the guys wisely posits himself, and his properties, as “for sale”. All of his creations in Millarworld imprint have been not-so-subteltly targeted as potential film/tv properties … [Read More]

Movie Alert!

The Dinner is a really awesome movie that’s currently playing in theaters, but isn’t garnering the attention that it should. I previously covered it on here in my spring movie review and in my movies of the week. It is running in select theaters right now. I highly encourage you to … [Read More]

Tupac’s Poem

So the guys behind the All Eyez On Me film sent me a clip from the movie that I haven’t seen shared too many places and I put a video together mainly because I’m such a huge Tupac fanboy and I want everyone to see the things I appreciated about his … [Read More]

Brie Larson looks adorable with her Captain Marvel comic

Brie Larson has already started getting the comic fans on her side by sharing an image of her snuggling up with a Captain Marvel graphic novel. Extra brownie points for the “blink and you miss it” Captain Marvel pajama’s she’s wearing. This is the kind of feel good stuff I love … [Read More]

Fans Like Suicide Squad WAY More Than Critics

As many of you know, Suicide Squad has brought on tons of controversy surrounding it’s latest reviews that were mostly poor from critics. While this is the case, it has been shown that Suicide Squad movie goers ( and not just DC fans ) have absolutely enjoyed the movie way more … [Read More]

South Park: Season Nineteen Blu-ray & DVD Annoucement

When I saw this news bit I couldn’t believe that South Park is still going, much less completing a nineteenth season! This show will never die. So the Blu-ray and DVD is hitting stores September 6. Interestingly it will be available in Best Buy on August 16. Apparently Best Buy … [Read More]