Golden Globes Website Says Anne Hathaway is a Winner – Briefly

News hit the web this morning that Anne Hathaway was the winner for Best Actress in a Drama on the Golden Globes website. The only problem is, Golden Globes are not announcing their winners until the Golden Globes air on Sunday. The slip-up was corrected, but not before a screen … [Read More]

Last House on the Left Trailer Online

The Wes Craven Classic Horror film, Last House on the Left is getting a new take. And who better to make the new version than the master of horror himself – Wes Craven. Check out the trailer This does qualify under TMB’s 4 Rules Before Making a Remake, so I … [Read More]

Studios will have a Presence during Superbowl 2009

I am not a football fan, but I always like this time of year for one thing. The onslaught of YouTube videos that will happen the day after as people are sharing their favourite Superbowl Commercials. The commercials during the Superbowl are not just standard clips telling you how strong … [Read More]

Spy Footage Claims to be on Ghostbusters 3 Set

Footage is hitting the net with the assumption that it was spy captured on a closed set in New York, and the people who gathered it are saying that it is from the filming of Ghostbusters 3. The “spy” has footage of a car being crushed and a quick glimpse … [Read More]

High Kick Girl Teaser Trailer Online

I tripped over this teaser this morning and couldn’t resist sharing it. This girl has a gift, and they are making an entire film out of it. Cinematical says: it’s kinda like The Karate Kid in that a high school girl must learn karate in order to fend off a … [Read More]

The New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley Cover Contest

I have never been much of a New Yorker reader, but this contest caught my eye. Especially considering the entry that I found online above with a very clear Watchmen theme to it. The original 1925 cover (inset above) featured an illustration that has been the hallmark of every anniversary … [Read More]

Transformers 2 Sneak Peak Poster

All I’ll say is…. I LIKE And an image of Optimus Prime just for good measure that actually came out a week or 2 ago