The Treehouse Gang moves Forward

Role Models’ writer Timothy Dowling has put together a spec script that has the net a buzz with a Goonies sequel, but this won’t be that movie. The script titled Treehouse Gang has similarities to what could be a sequel to the 80s classic already has a director attached and … [Read More]

Weekend Boxoffice Report November 26th-28th

Harry Potter magically finds itself on top again as American tryptophen addicts come out of their self induced comas and recover from irrational shopping trips, but the scraps do go to another family friendly animated feature by a close second with Tangled. Megamind keeps its slow burn and holds on … [Read More]

More Captain America shots

It’s a bit exhausting with the amount of leaks we’ve found surrounding upcoming superhero movies but nevertheless we have the good folks over at Collider to thank as they managed to get their hands on some pretty clear images from Empire Magazine’s coverage on our favorite star spangled veteran. via … [Read More]

Leonardo DiCaprio joins J Edgar Hoover Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio has already made it clear that despite his long term love affair with Scorsese he isn’t exclusive. But word says he is seeing someone new, and that might be another old leathery man. Leo will be staring in a biopic of J Edgar Hoover for Clint Eastwood. Empire … [Read More]

‘Planet of the Apes’ Prequel not happening

I thought planet of the apes with Mark Wahlberg sucked, sucked big time. Maybe the only good thing about it was the little twist in the end with the whole Lincoln Memorial (And the fact that it was over). I naturally thought the next movie would be picked up where … [Read More]

Expendables 3, plot revealed/full press release

Lionsgate put out their full press release regarding Expendables 3. Not much to say other than check it out below for brief plot details and the some of the stars involved so far. The rumor is that 19 stars have been cast and not all have been revealed officially yet. … [Read More]

Predators Plot and Character Synopsis Online

Because the image of Trejo with Machete’s is taken, it looks like he will be an Uzi weilding badass druglord in Rodriguez new Predator reboot. And now more is revealed on the plot of the hopeful revival of the alien action flick. Horror Yearbook says: Royce is under the surveillance … [Read More]

Sunbathing Wooki’s, Leia’s, and Batmen

    A few funny pictures I just really gave attention to showing off Batman, Wooki’s, and Leia’s all sunbathing by the pool. These great pictures come courtesy of Ethan Trewhitt aka Courtarro.     Via: GeekTyrant    

Intouchables: The Word-of-Mouth Hit More People Should See…But Cant

  Despite the French language-film “The Intouchables” grossing around $348 million internationally, it has had a lackluster showing in the United States. According to the site Box Office Mojo, ‘Intouchables’ has a very limited release playing in 77 locations and has grossed just $1.5 million. One trend I noticed for … [Read More]

Kristen Bell joins Burlesque

I have been looking forward to Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque despite my apprehension to musical stars being given lead roles in films. Christina will be playing a singing and dancing scantilly clad performer. I don’t think that is acting. Well now we get news that the tasty Kristen Bell will be … [Read More]