Superman Reboot Plot Details Online

With news of Zack Snyder taking on the directors seat for the Superman Reboot, things are finally moving forward with the new film and already we get whispers of the plot. Obsessed with Film offers: With more information about Warner Brothers’ reboot leaking everyday, Vulture quietly announced yesterday that David … [Read More]

Nathan Fillion’s Firefly Tribute on Castle

Castle fans were eagerly watching for Nathan Fillion’s suggested Easter Egg in last week’s episode, but it was anything but hidden. Fillion’s character in the show is anything but his persona from Firefly, but he relishes in his “Space Cowboy” costume before being shot down. The true Easter Egg in … [Read More]

The Hunger Games coming to the Big Screen

It seems that after the successes of Harry Potter and then Twilight, that the young adult bookshelf might just be the new barrel to which we have yet to see the bottom. Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games book will bring to life the post apocalyptic story of children fighting for … [Read More]

Smith to star in The Legend Of Cain – Vampire style?

Will Smith is one of the most famous, talented, and high-grossing actors of our generation. Almost everything he acts in, or at least produces, apparently turns to gold. Latest news/reports have him setting up to save Earth once again, in Men In Black III, and possibly, some Independence Day sequels. … [Read More]

Review: The Expendables

Thanks for checking out our The Expendables Review Genre: Action/Adventure/Thriller Directed by: Sylvester Stallone Staring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke and Terry Crews Released: August 13, 2010 THE GENERAL IDEA A team of elite, highly-trained mercenaries known as The … [Read More]

David Goyer in Talks for Ghost Rider Sequel

Ghost Rider is the spirit of Vengence, so when the first film was so terrible it only makes karmic sense that they make a sequel to make up for past wrongs. Someone has to pay. And part of that payment might come from David Goyer who is in talks to … [Read More]

The Films of 2010 in The Cinescape

YouTube mashup star Matt Shapiro has put together a glimpse at a big pile of the major films that have come out this year into one video he calls The Cinescape. I like how the collected shots are not just some random spatterings of moments from the films, but rather … [Read More]

New A-Team Clip Online: Flying Tank

IGN delivers us a peek at the new A-Team movie and cleverly they decided to expose the most talked about scene in the trailer, which strangely enough doesn’t seem all that out of place now. Check it out: I love this tone. They are clearly still playing on BA’s fear … [Read More]

The deleted scene from A Christmas Story has Ralphie and Flash Gordon

  I want to say something fond and nostalgic about A Christmas Story.  I really do, because it would only be right considering the fact that I’m writing a post about the film but to be frank that damn movie was on for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT yesterday and I’m just … [Read More]

2010 Razzie Award Nominees Announced

With only a tiny bit more credibility than the MTV Movie Awards, the Razzies represent the top honours of hate, the best of the bile, and appeals most to those people who just can’t be happy that someone else might have liked a movie that they hate. Still, they are … [Read More]