New Doctor Strange Poster

Another day, another update on a Marvel film. This time we’re returning to the next movie slated for release which is the Doctor Strange flick. It may not be new footage, or a way to justify the Ancient One’s gender and ethnicity change, but it is a look at the … [Read More]

Batman V Superman ramps up promotion

All throughout my football game I have been inundated with Batman V Superman. This started a couple of weeks ago but things have really picked up with a TV spot playing pretty much during every commercial break of both the AFC and NFC champtionships. Not content to simply dominate television … [Read More]

The Ninja Turtles do their best ‘Batman’ for character posters

  The Ninja Turtles certainly seem like they’re paying homage to the Dark Knight in these character posters. That and they seemed to also be somewhat influenced by Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films with the dusk orange hues. I don’t mind these. [Paramount]

Beauty and the Beast Poster

I’m fairly confident that Beauty and the Beast terrified me as a child. Those scenes in which they hunted the beast and how they handled the villain in the end or burned into my brain and can be easily recalled. That movie was F’n dark yo. How will the live … [Read More]

Batman vs Bane – The banners

A new movie banner has been released for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ continuing the onslaught of media being shared leading up to the release of the film. This new banner is somewhat familiar for those of us keeping score but somehow still deserves a place on someone’s desktop or phone … [Read More]

Fantasm: A Horror Convention Documentary

    Director Kyle Kuchta is excited to reveal the official theatrical poster for his forthcoming horror convention documentary, Fantasm. The film explores the bonds formed by the close-knit community of fans who attend horror conventions. A high-resolution version of the poster is attached for your use. In addition to … [Read More]

A bunch of new Banners and Posters for The Hobbit

Just came across a few more posters for the Hobbit and I’m really learning that I can’t find adjectives to describe how beautiful and stylish some of these images truly are. The latest batch of posters and banners follow a plethora of new imagery and details that have been releasing … [Read More]

Awesome new Scroll for The Hobbit

The Hobbit just showed off its new poster for the Dwarves the other day and hot on the hells of that debut they’ve made another with this awesome new character scroll for the film. The scroll highlights Bilbo and Gandalf but also features the remaining primary characters of the film: … [Read More]

The New Star Wars poster is stunning

Lucasfilm and Co. revealed the new official one sheet for Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night and I have to admit that it’s stunning. Not straying too far from the usual motif and formula that has worked for the franchise the new poster shows us what appears to be … [Read More]

Theatrical Poster: Django Unchained

I’ve seen a bunch of posters for Django Unchained but I’m now realizing that none of them were actually theatrical posters. It appears that below is the actual poster you’ll see in theaters while all those other posters have…other… purposes. Check it out:     This might be my new … [Read More]