Yep, Mark almost died and it wasn’t that kinda “I’m so tired of working” almost died, it’s that “Holy SHIT! He almost fell off a cliff” kinda thing which is exactly what almost happened. Seems our favorite Jedi was on his way to a filming location where he almost fell off the side of Skellig Michael, which is covered in sharp rocky ledges.


An eyewitness is claiming that Hamill took a fall on the steep ledges that lead up to a ruin near this island’s Christian monastery, but his life was spared by the quick reactions of a guide traveling with the production group from the Irish Office of Public Works, who just barely caught him in time. Had it not been for the reactions of this guide an onlooker who was present during the slip said that Hamill would have been “a goner” otherwise.


No clue what scene they’re filming there since JJ loves the magic box of mystery so we won’t know the justification for Hamill risking his life until the release of the film. But let that be a lesson to all you guys looking to work with him in the future. You could lose your life, and breaking your leg on set could be seen as a godsend by Abrams and company.


That’s all for now.


Source: Jedi Knight Academy




  1. People who snicker at the thought of a “silent musical” don’t realize that live music was such an important aspect of film before dialogue and sound effects polluted the original experience created by art of film. Silent film devotees thought the idea of filming stage plays to be absurd. So there’s that!


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