Like Stranger Things, Stranger Things 2 is a massive homage to a world that many of us don’t remember or couldn’t partake in. The sci-fi and storytelling elements are familiar, but it still feels distant enough that sinking into the series and marathoning all nine episodes transports you to a different place. Stranger Things 2 is a trip, a celestial journey rooted in a time period many of us are obsessed with, but it’s grounded in the real relationships and friendships we have today. Stranger Things 2 is a convergence of the fantastically extraordinary we wish we would experience and the understandable reality that we exist in; the combination of which creates one hell of a television experience that’s very much worth your time.

As expected, true to his ’80s nostalgia nature, the second season of “Stranger Things” takes the sequel path – and it does so in the best possible way: it’s definitely in the alley of “Empire Strikes Back” or “Aliens” rather than the trite “more of the same” approach.

The story builds on the previous installment as we find the characters where we left them at the end of the last season. The attention to details, the ’80s feeling, the references – that were the trademark of season 1 – are all still there while the character driven narrative moves forward.

The idea of splitting the main characters is a risk that pays off, giving each character room to breath and to grow on their own. The newbies also work, although a couple of them aren’t as focused as they could’ve been.


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