From the looks of it, this seems like it is going to be your standard apocalyptic movie. Monster waves, CGI buildings falling down like toys. That ONE person who sees the destruction coming and is just standing there with their mouth open (you know that guy). But this trailer is leading me to believe there might be a little more to this standard end of the world flick that meets the eye. Especially, when I saw my guy, Liev Schreiber! WHAT!! If he is there, so am I (even, if he was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine). I am extremely skeptical about Chloë Grace Moretz playing this little blonde-haired bimbo who is supposed to be the lead character. Do not get me wrong, I love Chloe. However, her character looks as if she just started her period for the first time, and I am supposed to believe that she is going to save humanity. But, who knows? There might be some ancient prophecy or something about the innocence of children or some crap like that. The way these “Others” take down the human race is so methodical, and so precise. They might actually win. I am going to root for them this time because I cannot be on team #weakanddefenseless, when it comes to the demise of our planet.


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