I have not seen the movie yet, but I am already calling this movie the “Best Chick Flick” of the year. The premise of a lover changing bodies everyday and their lover accepting them unconditionally, irregardless of their shape or form is mind blowing. This trailer does have sub-titles, but if you can read, it should not and will not be a problem. Being the movie lover I am, I did not mind one bit. It even made me question myself,  “Could I love someone knowing their body would transform daily, and in essence not be who I fell in love with? I do not if I could love my girl if she turned into a 7ft Aboriginie. ”  This looks terrific and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. Check out the trailer and share your input.


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  1. Unabashed Colleen Moore fan here, and Kickstarter backer of this restoration project. Having never seen the Grapevine version reviewed here, which by all accounts is a butchered misordered visually compromised mess, I was most anticipating the opportunity to see a proper restoration of the earliest surviving film starring one of my two major silent screen crushes (Clara is the other one). Eric Grayson went through restoration hell to put this film back together, taking various bits and pieces from five different prints, making it complete at last and using every trick in the book to get it looking and playing as closely as possible to original release prints, including a replication of the original tints. He did an incredible job. The film is coherent, and often looks pretty damn good especially considering the state of available elements. And best of all, it’s a pretty cool little film, with lots of nifty goblin and witchy imagery during the story sequences, and well-played good old-fashioned unsubtle melodrama in between. Colleen Moore is ideal as Annie, just a darling. Great piano score by Ben Model too.

    Fritzi, I know you can’t stand it, but if any of the others out there reading this are fans of Miss Moore and/or super-old-school double-exposure supernatural creature imagery (that’s me on both counts, natch), I would highly recommend they give this properly restored version a chance; Eric G says it will be available on Amazon soon. I hope you might consider giving it another go-round in its restored form sometime. 🙂

  2. I have so enjoyed reading these Blogathon reviews from so many different sites! Thank you, and may I echo nitrateglow on the hope that everything turns out as you would wish it to, and in a timely manner. All the best.

  3. Two bios I have yet to own/read but would LOVE to: Texas Guinan’s and Eva Tanguay’s. There is so much to admire about these wonderful ladies (and definitely not for their sweet “girlish” qualities, thank the gods!). Wasn’t really aware of the extent of Guinan’s film career- thanks much for the review 🙂


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