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This trailer was stupid. It was trying to compact way too much information under three minutes. I disliked the movie before I even saw it. If I am to understand this right, and please let me know if I am wrong or if you have a different interruption of what you saw, but what I got from it was … a happily married man, who was coerced or seduced by his wife, into dressing as a woman. His wife liked it so much that she made him go outside and attend parties dressed up as a woman. He takes it too far causing his wife to become angered with him for wanting to stay the way she made him. However, she changes her mind and decides to love her husband anyway. He receives surgery to become a woman. So … either, the trailer was designed to inform the audience how the whole movie is going to unfold or that was the editor’s last day of work, and he said, “fuck it!”


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