The Finest Hours is another  “based on true events” film. Basically, it is a love story meshed with a rescue mission. But, you know what? The trailer looks pretty epic. Do not get me wrong, it definitely looks like a ripoff of Titanic. And, the pacing of the trailer was way too slow for my taste. Besides that, everything else looks great. What specifically jumps out are the quality of the CGI and the diverse acting skills amongst the actors and actresses. I am a sucker for good graphics and a decent story line. I am dubbing this a sleeper hit. Watch the trailer and drop your comments below.

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What accent were they attempting to speak? Because, if it is a New Yorker accent, I am offended. We do not sound like that.

os-the-finest-hours-trailer-20150709 TheFinestHours the-finest-hours-wave


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