I heard through the grape vine how good this trailer was at D23. But, hearing it and seeing it are two completely different things. I am flabbergasted about how spectacular this film looks. Especially, knowing that the whole movie was shot in Los Angeles! Jon Favreau has outdone himself, once again. And, do not even get me started with the cast, All-Star, across the board. Seeing how good this trailer was  makes me scared for Andy Serkis’ rendition of  Jungle Book which I think was pushed back another year. I am not saying, go be a punk and back out the project, but be a man and back out this project. Do not go against Jon Favreau, in your directorial debut. I do not think it is going to end to well. But, hell what do I know? Check out the trailer, and you let me know, does Andy Serkis stand a chance?


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Jungle-Book-Official-Trailer-1-Released-and-Its-Amazing image_1a69db3c jungle-book2 the-jungle-book-027-630x354




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