Welcome to your second Uncut Podcast of 2010 continuing the tradition of the longest running movie related podcast on the net.

Here’s the Shnotes for the shorter podcast today, and even a link for direct download or streaming!

1/ Our New Twitter.
– You can find us online at @TMB_Tweets

2/ Green Hornet.
-Seth Rogen’s version
-Kevin Smith’s spec Green Hornet script becomes a comic book

3/ Spiderman 4 Canceled.
– The Bad about it
– The good about it
– Where do we go from here.

4/ Sam Raimi to go back to World of Warcraft?

5/ The Vatican’s Avatar review

You can stream the podcast by clicking right here or you can right click and “save target as” to download it.

Warning… I discovered I talk fast, and sometimes ramble and say Uh a lot. But I didn’t say “eh” even once. What kind of Canadian am I? lol


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