It’s no secret that I am a Huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. He’s so awesome of an actor that the Academy Awards refuses to give him best actor for any of his films because then they’d have to give him one for all of his films. That said, I learned that he recently wrapped production on some movie in which he re-teams with his Inception co-star Tom Hardy and is led by award winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu in a western. DiCaprio is no stranger to westerns and I’m happy to see him return to the genre again. Fox sent over some promo photos and in my bid to kiss ass in hopes of attending a screening, I now share them with you.




There’s another image that I wasn’t able to free from Yahoo’s schackles so you can head over there to check out the last image.

I’ll keep kissing ass looking for more news about the Revenant and will be sure to share anything that comes along. That’s all for now.


Source: 20th Century Fox, Yahoo



  1. Well, wow. We all get that wit and a fresh flick, to boot? Where do I sign up, here’s an apple, and oh, wait… this is all for free? And I’m late for class? Oops. Well, then… I should go watch a movie, then! Si-lently (slinks off into the night, but it’s still daytime)…

  2. That gif is cathartic! Clara aside, you’ve gone all sociological on us, and you know…. It’s FABULOUS!!!!!!!! you can appreciate a film and the aesthetics, the acting etc. But… you can’t take an entire film in unless you recognize some of it’s short comings and relevance that addresses social-class, gender and ethnic sensitivity. It doesn’t mean you’re throwing the film out with the bath water, it actually should cause a constructive conversation about it. And that’s good right!. I would love to see this film, I’m not as familiar with Clara Bow, but she seems captivating with or without the grass skirt. So you’ll be turning me onto a some new actors- Your commentary on the use of the name HULA is priceless! Pie LOL.. Seriously I want to see HULA, and anything else Miss Bow has done. Thanks for sharing this for The Beach Party Blogathon- Aloha (insert sarcasm) Joey


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