The Pulse Network was kind enough to have me on their weekly feature called Following to talk about the Oscars and my picks alongside the infectious host Maggie Rulli.

The show was live but is now available to watch here:

So that’s my Oscar picks from some of the more significant categories.

Do you agree or disagree? Remember to check out our Oscars Poll

2011 Oscar Poll where you can cast your votes, and be sure to watch The Pulse Network the online social TV network.


  1. Hi Fritzi. This sounds like a healthy dose of cute. I enjoyed The Family Secret on TCM, so I had better order the dvd. “..the detective asks to see some of the missing child’s toys and her parents casually show him a meat cleaver, a pistol and a cherry bomb.” Sounds as if they were headed in an Addams Family direction and then turned away. Darn.


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