Anthony reacts to Daddy’s Home 2 trailer

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, John Lithgow… and Mel Gibson.  

American Assassin Red Band Trailer & Reaction (WATCH)

American Assassin caught me by surprise, as I had little information about the movie other than the fact that it was based off some pretty bad-ass books that would deal with some type of CIA agency. While we have all heard these stories and seen them in films many times … [Read More]

Murder on the Orient Express Trailer Reaction

Murder On The Orient Express Trailer Reaction Dame, Judi Dench. Need I say more? (I shouldn’t have to…). Okay, fine. Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad all directed by Kenneth Branagh. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS IS STACKED WITH TALENT! The premise … [Read More]

The Book of Trailer Henry caught me off guard

The Book of Henry Trailer Reaction I was not ready for #TheBookofHenry. I plopped down in my chair, hit play, and proceeded and experienced a modicum of amusement with premise and setup of some hyper smart kid and how people drool over his intelligence. Then, about halfway through the trailer things … [Read More]

WATCH The Black Panther Trailer and ANALYSIS

Hey guys, I caught the Black Panther trailer and even went through the process of creating a nifty trailer reaction AND analysis. I went a bit into detail checking out the costume, the masks, and even fantasized a bit about what could be in store for the movie. Check out … [Read More]

Tom Cruise and Cash in new American Made Trailer

American Made Trailer Reaction and Tom Cruise Discussion I published this trailer reaction the other day for the film American Made starring Tom Cruise and a bunch of other people. The American Made trailer seems pretty amusing, if a bit familiar, and but doesn’t really truly disappoint. The premise is … [Read More]

Batman and Harley Quinn return to the Animated Series?! | Trailer Reaction

Batman has a new movie coming out. I know, when doesn’t Batman have a new movie coming out? But this one is different! This one sees our caped crusader teaming with the clown princess of crime to… stop crime! But that’s not the only appeal for this new movie. This movie inexplicably … [Read More]

The Beguiled: Trailer Reaction

So I’m plugging along adding new content over on our YouTube channel and I notice this trailer screaming out to mean labeled “The Beguiled”. Hmm. Colin Farrell? Okay. Kirsten Dunst? Sure. Add in Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman with some sexual tensions that lead to dangerous rivalries… Dafuq?! Seemed like it … [Read More]

The Recall Trailer: Wesley Snipes, Sci-Fi, Space Aliens

The Recall Trailer The Recall. A new sci-fi movie starring Wesley Snipes and alien abductors and some unwitting campers in a cabin in the woods. What else do you need to hear? This movie sounds cheesy as hell and you know what I like to see in the summer? Cheesy … [Read More]

Logan Lucky Trailer Reaction

Logan Lucky Checking out this trailer for Logan Lucky, the new comedy starring Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, is likely to make hump day a bit better. I got this trailer in my inbox the other day and at first glance I dismissed it. It reminded me of too many … [Read More]