Butter Carving by Olivia Wilde

Two words: ‘butter carving’… ok maybe three words ‘sexy butter carving’… ok maybe five words ‘Olivia Wilde sexy butter carving’… ok maybe fifteen words ‘just go look at the images and video below of Olivia Wilde sexy butter carving.’     In small-town Iowa, an adopted girl discovers her talent … [Read More]

FINALLY, Alita Battle Angel has a teaser trailer

I have been waiting for this movie for quite a long time. I still keep an eye on specific productions because I have a personal interest in seeing their final product. Battle Angel is more like me just being a fanboy and wanting to see one of my favorite anime … [Read More]

Jurassic World Trailer Teaser

I don’t often share Trailer teases. The Jurassic World Teaser is a special exception. I enjoyed the first Jurassic World movie a lot and although it didn’t quite match the hype of the 1993 juggernaut film it was very very fun. Today we have a trailer tease that was released … [Read More]

Does this Den of Thieves trailer show us the best 50 Cent movie?

Den of Thieves Trailer Reaction I don’t know if we’ve ever covered a movie by 50 Cent here on The Movie Blog. The rapper/actor has had an incredible career in entertainment all the while pumping out films that don’t always resonate with the general audience. This Den of Thieves trailer … [Read More]

First 3 minutes of ‘Justice League’ are now ONLINE in HD

I had no idea that our friends in Korea received home releases so quickly. It’s come to my attention that the first 3 minutes of Justice League are now online in 1080P! Apparently the movie will hit the HD streaming market in Korea on December 19th.  In preperation for the home … [Read More]

Neill Blomkamp releases ADAM: Episode 3

Neill Blomkamp is an incredibly accomplished director. He’s created some of the most visually stunning films in recent memory, all with their own unique tone and style. Neill is back this time working with OATS studios to create a new CGI short films titled ‘Adam: Episode 3’. The short was … [Read More]

Here’s why Delirium seems familiar but different

Delirium Trailer: Delirium: The Hell Gang, an exclusive group of friends, promise a schoolmate that he can join their gang if he can just make it to the porch of a legendary mansion that has a dark and sinister past. Others have tried but none have made it within site … [Read More]

Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace trailer

  Amanda Seyfried caught my eye in her portrayal of Sarah Henrickson in HBO’s Big Love and I’ve been a fan of her talents since that show. It’s only a matter of time until mainstream America takes notice of this young gorgeous talent and there’s few better ways to get the … [Read More]

The New Black Panther Trailer Is Here But I’m Not Watching

It’s here! Marvel’s Official Black Panther trailer has been released today! I personally have no desire to see this movie because it violates one of my golden rules when it comes to watching movie trailers. Official Black Panther Trailer Was the trailer good? Please let me know in the comments … [Read More]

Can you watch this Star Wars trailer for us?

Yes, it is technically possible to post a new Star Wars trailer without actually watching it. For those who missed it, The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson, actually warned the internet that any Star Wars trailer from this point forward should be considered spoiler. I hate posting spoilers and go out of my way … [Read More]