JJ Abrams showed new Star Trek footage to Conan

  Conan O’Brian is a funny guy and often gets all sorts of neat geek-tastic guests onto his show so when it was announced that “Star Trek into the Darkness” director J.J. Abrams was gonna appear on his show the internet took notice. Would he show new footage from the … [Read More]

Ryan! Here’s that Magic Mike XXL trailer you asked about!

  Oh Ryan! I know it’s been a mighty loooong time since your last installment of “Chick Flick Fridays” but luckily it seems that the drought is ending! YES! Channing Tatum, Joe Maganiello and more are unclothing themselves in preparation for your attendance. Hell, it looks like Tatum has been … [Read More]

Man of Steel – New UK TV spot

Warner Bros. has released a new TV spot for the UK and it has hit the web. There are a couple new scenes, but beyond that there not much else to say. This movie is simply looking better and better (and better) the closer we lead up to it. Definitely … [Read More]

The Fifth Estate with Benedict Cumberbatch has a trailer

  Triggering our age of high-stakes secrecy, explosive news leaks and the trafficking of classified information, WikiLeaks forever changed the game. Now, in a dramatic thriller based on real events, The Fifth Estate reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into … [Read More]

The Intern Official Trailer

Academy award winners, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, star in a lighthearted comedy about a retired seventy- year-old man being bored. Deciding to spice things up, De Niro applies to become an intern at a growing online fashion site. When I first heard the premise, I assumed they both … [Read More]

Romeo And Juliet Remake: Trailer

So, Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet was quite something. (I can’t compare it to Franco Zaffirelli’s 1968 adaptation as I have never seen it.) This year, yet another adaptation of one of the world’s most famous tragedies will hit the big screen. This time directed by … [Read More]

The new trailer for The Wolverine

    the new trailer for the film takes the momentum created by the first trailer and multiplies it X-ponentially with this new look at the film. there’ s a lot going on with Logan’s while living with the years of regret he’s amassed in his long life. This offering … [Read More]

Magic Mike XXL Official Trailer

I don’t know how my girlfriend keeps making me write this. I know how, but I can’t tell you (wink, wink). Magic Mike is another critic proof movie. Simply because I’m not the targeted audience they are aiming for. I will say, the first installment wasn’t too bad. It was … [Read More]

Butter Carving by Olivia Wilde

Two words: ‘butter carving’… ok maybe three words ‘sexy butter carving’… ok maybe five words ‘Olivia Wilde sexy butter carving’… ok maybe fifteen words ‘just go look at the images and video below of Olivia Wilde sexy butter carving.’     In small-town Iowa, an adopted girl discovers her talent … [Read More]

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Theatrical Trailer #2

See I did not have any GI:JOE toys as a kid, mostly He-Man’s and Transformers. There is no feeling of nostalgia or built-in knowledge about the franchise. To me its all “shiny face”, “ninja guy” and I leer every time they say Joe’s. Normally I would have waited for Tony … [Read More]