Fan Expo 2010 Report – TMB Uncut Podcast

This is the final FanExpo report I have to offer and I decided to do it as a podcast to share my experiences. In this episode you will hear me sharing about the people we met, fun things we saw as well as a mini rant about inconsiderate celebrities and … [Read More]

The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: January 13th 2010

Welcome to your second Uncut Podcast of 2010 continuing the tradition of the longest running movie related podcast on the net. Here’s the Shnotes for the shorter podcast today, and even a link for direct download or streaming! 1/ Our New Twitter. – You can find us online at @TMB_Tweets … [Read More]

The Movie Blog Podcast – September 18th 2009

Hey there folks. We’re back with another installment of The Movie Blog Podcast. Today I’m joined by regular guest Christina Warren of Mashable.Com and FlickCast.Com. We’re also joined today by Vic Holtreman, the one and only founder and Senior Editor of ScreenRant.Com Together, we discuss: 1) Jennifer’s Body 2) Edward … [Read More]

Pre-Oscar Podcast

Hey guys… no big build up. Here is our pre-Oscar podcast… join us after the Oscars for our post-Oscar podcast too. OR you can just directly download the mp3 HERE

The Movie Blog UnCut Video Podcast – April 16, 2010

Welcome to a special video edition of The Movie Blog Uncut. Today we talk about a few things: 1- Ferris Beuller’s Ferrari 1961 Sypder California, of which only 100 were ever made 2 – Weinstiens bid for Miramax, Nikki Finke’s poor reaction 3- Avatar hasn’t made enough money yet – … [Read More]

TMB on The Pulse Network Following with Maggie Rulli

The Pulse Network was kind enough to have me on their weekly feature called Following to talk about the Oscars and my picks alongside the infectious host Maggie Rulli. The show was live but is now available to watch here: So that’s my Oscar picks from some of the more … [Read More]

Uncut Podcast For July 16th 2009

Hey there guys. We’re back for another installment of The Movie Blog Uncut podcast. Today I’m joined once again by Soul Video, and along with us comes Kristopher Tapley (Senior Editor of In Contention) and Christina Warren (contributor at Flickcast and her own popular blog) Today we talk about a … [Read More]

The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast July 23rd 2010

Welcome to another installment of the longest running movie related podcast on the net. This week on The Movie Blog Uncut, I rant a bit about discussions in films, and how sometimes people will use a popular film of the moment or recent news article to suddenly springboard their only … [Read More]

The Movie Blog Podcast – Twilight: New Moon Edition

Hey there guys. Well… as you can probably tell from the title of this podcast, today we’re just talking about the new Twilight movie “New Moon” which opened this past weekend and smashed all sorts of box office records. But my dear international friends… please be warned that this podcast … [Read More]

The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast June 24th 2010

We are returning to a more regular schedule for the UnCut Video and Audio podcasts in a more frequent and somewhat shorter format . Today we are going to address our review process and the ever popular topic of Opinions!! In the video I discuss the following aspects of Opinions: … [Read More]