The Movie Blog Podcast – Twilight: New Moon Edition

Hey there guys. Well… as you can probably tell from the title of this podcast, today we’re just talking about the new Twilight movie “New Moon” which opened this past weekend and smashed all sorts of box office records. But my dear international friends… please be warned that this podcast … [Read More]

The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast XMen First Class

We are returning to a more regular schedule for the UnCut Video and Audio podcasts in a more frequent and somewhat shorter format. Today we are going to tackle the ever speculative cast of Matthew Vaughn’s First Class! And if you prefer to download the AudioEdition of this podcast, you … [Read More]

The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast July 23rd 2010

Welcome to another installment of the longest running movie related podcast on the net. This week on The Movie Blog Uncut, I rant a bit about discussions in films, and how sometimes people will use a popular film of the moment or recent news article to suddenly springboard their only … [Read More]

The Movie Blog Podcast – October 5th 2009

Hey there folks, and welcome to the newest installment of The Movie Blog Podcast. Today I’m joined by regulars Soul Video and Christina Warren (of Mashable.Com and Flick Cast) and also by first time guest Roth Cornet of ThinkHero.Com. Join us as we talk about: – Clash of the titans … [Read More]

The Movie Blog: Uncut – May 18th 2009

Hey there guys. Well, I’m back in Los Angeles after being up in Canada for a couple of months and it’s about time we got another podcast up and online. Joining me today via the magic of Skype are none other than Chuck Norris (my old producer… not the movie … [Read More]

The Movie Blog Podcast: November 4th 2009

Today’s topics: 1) AMC Theatres new website 2) Stevem Martin and Alec Baldwin host the Oscars 3) 3 Men and a Baby gets another movie 4) New Prince of Persia trailer 5) This is it 6) My problems with Law Abiding Citizen You can listen to a stream of the … [Read More]

Fan Expo 2010 Report – TMB Uncut Podcast

This is the final FanExpo report I have to offer and I decided to do it as a podcast to share my experiences. In this episode you will hear me sharing about the people we met, fun things we saw as well as a mini rant about inconsiderate celebrities and … [Read More]

The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: February 26th 2010

Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of The Movie Blog Uncut Audio Edition Podcast, the longest running movie related podcast on the net! Today we start out with a special intro music guest, who is actually a friend of mine who has a new album called Raven, and Marcone … [Read More]

The Movie Blog UnCut Video Podcast – April 16, 2010

Welcome to a special video edition of The Movie Blog Uncut. Today we talk about a few things: 1- Ferris Beuller’s Ferrari 1961 Sypder California, of which only 100 were ever made 2 – Weinstiens bid for Miramax, Nikki Finke’s poor reaction 3- Avatar hasn’t made enough money yet – … [Read More]

The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – June 1st 2009

Hey there guys. I’m currently in beautiful Las Vegas for an industry party at the legendary Playboy suite at the Palms, but that didn’t stop us from doing an Uncut episode today. Via the wonders of Skype I’m joined once again by Soul Video and Chuck Norris. Today we discuss: … [Read More]